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The Papers of Nicholas Kaldor

Title The Papers of Nicholas Kaldor
Reference GBR/0272/PP/NK
Creator Kaldor, Nicholas (1908-86), economist
Covering Dates 1910–1986
Extent and Medium 120 boxes; paper
Repository King's College Archive Centre, Cambridge
Content and context

Nicholas Kaldor was born on 12 May 1908 in Budapest, the son of Julius Kaldor (a Hungarian lawyer) and his wife Joan. He went to school at the Model Gymnasium, Budapest, then studied economics at the University of Berlin, at the same time working as foreign correspondent for a Hungarian newspaper. After a short course at the London School of Economics he enrolled for the BSc course, graduating in 1930 and becoming assistant lecturer and then lecturer by 1938. Kaldor married Clarisse Elisabeth Goldschmidt in 1934, and when the LSE was evacuated during the war they moved to Cambridge. Between 1943 and 1945 Kaldor worked for the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, and in 1947 he resigned from the LSE to become Director of Research and Planning at the Economic Commission of Europe in Geneva. He was elected to a Fellowship at King's and offered a lectureship in the Economics Faculty of the University in 1949. He became a Reader in Economics in 1952, and Professor in 1966.

Kaldor advised the United Nations, the British Labour government and several other governments on economic policy. His work covered taxation, growth, war and reconstruction, monetarism and equilibrium theory. He was awarded a peerage in 1974 as Lord Kaldor of Newnham in the City of Cambridge. Kaldor retired from his Professorship in 1975 but continued to lecture and provide advice on economic matters until shortly before his death on 1 October 1986.

For biographical details of Nicholas Kaldor, the reader is referred to the following published works:

'Cambridge Journal of Economics' Nicholas Kaldor memorial issue, Vol. 13, No. 1, March 1989.

G. C. Harcourt: 'Nicholas Kaldor, 12 May 1908 - 30 September 1986', in 'Economica' 55, May 1988, pp. 159-70.

N. Kaldor: 'Recollections of an economist' in 'Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review' no. 156,Mar. 1986.

'King's College Annual Report', Oct. 1988, pp. 23-27.

F. Targetti: 'Nicholas Kaldor: the economics and politics of capitalism as a dynamic system' (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1992). This includes a bibliography.

A. P. Thirlwall: 'Nicholas Kaldor' (New York: New York University Press, 1987). This includes a bibliography.

A. P. Thirlwall: 'Nicholas Kaldor 1908-1986' in 'Proceedings of the British Academy' LXXIII, 1987, pp. 517-66.

The collection contains Kaldor's published and unpublished writing, papers relating to his work at the London School of Economics, Cambridge University and for government departments and other agencies, correspondence and other personal papers.

The papers of Nicholas Kaldor were transferred as a gift to the Archive Centre on 17 May 1993, from his house in Cambridge, where they had been stored since his death. While at his house, preliminary sorting of the papers was undertaken by Kaldor's literary executor, Professor A. P. Thirlwall. On 8 June 1995, several additional items were transferred and are now catalogued as 1/76-90, 3/32A and part of 10/16.

Access and Use

The majority of the Kaldor papers are readily available to scholars in the Archive Centre, by appointment. However, some material is reserved. In the College's opinion the contents of these files might be considered confidential or offensive by persons other than the author. There is no access to this material for the time being.

All queries concerning permission to quote in print from the writings of Nicholas Kaldor, published or unpublished, should be addressed to his literary executor, Professor A. P. Thirlwall, c/o The Archivist, King's College, Cambridge, CB2 1ST.

Please cite as King's College Archive Centre, Cambridge, The Papers of Nicholas Kaldor, NK

Further information

This catalogue was completed by Jacky Cox in July 1995 and edited for publication on the internet by Elizabeth Pridmore in December 2003.

Index Terms
Kaldor, Nicholas (1908-1986) Baron Kaldor, economist
King's/PP/NK contains:
1 Writings.
145 boxes; paper.
2 Lectures and conference papers.
22 boxes; paper.
3 Correspondence.
35 boxes; paper.
4 Academic career.
35 boxes; paper.
5 National Institute of Economic and Social Research.
05 boxes; paper.
6 United States Strategic Bombing Survey, British Bombing Survey Unit.
25 boxes; paper.
7 United Nations.
7 boxes; paper.
8 Royal Commission on the Taxation of Profits and Income.
85 boxes; paper.
9 Economic advice to foreign governments.
5 boxes; paper.
10 Economic advice to Labour governments.
95 boxes; paper.
11 Labour party, Fabian Society, Trade Union Congress.
3 boxes; paper.
12 Press cuttings.
4 boxes; paper.
13 Diaries.
2 boxes; paper.
14 Personal, family and financial papers.
3 boxes; paper.

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