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BFBS Archives Indexes

Title Foreign Correspondents 'T'
Reference BSAX/1/T
Covering Dates 1804–1897
Extent and Medium 211 correspondents
Content and context

Tabet, Narni: letter from Beyrout (Lebanon) 1869, about a case of books.

Talaguier, P.: letter from Paris (France) 1871.

Talbot, Joseph: letter from Nassau (Bahamas) 1833.

Tank, Otto: 5 letters from Christiania (Oslo, Norway), Paramaribo (Suriname), and England 1828-1848.

Tappan, John: 2 letters from Boston, Massachusetts (USA) 1814-1815, for local BS.

Tappan, John S., colporteur of Jaffna Auxiliary BS (Sri Lanka): journals for April-September 1856.

Tapper, E.H.: letter from Emden (Germany) 1850.

Taresányi, Ludwig (Professor): letter from Güns (Köszég, Hungary) 1842.

Tartaro, Guiseppe: 4 letters from Leghorn and Florence (Livorno and Firenze, Italy) 1818-1819.

Tassi, Avocato Lorenzo, Professor of foreign languages: 2 letters from Piacenza (Italy) 1869-1872.

Tassy, Garcin de, see under Garcin de Tassy, J.H.

Tattam, Henry (1788-1868), Anglican clergyman and Coptic scholar: letter from Cairo (Egypt) 1838.

Tattarachi, G.: letter from Beyrout (Lebanon) 1868, about forwarding cases.

Tauchnitz, Bernhard (junior), publisher: 7 letters from Leipzig (Germany) 1851-1855.

Tauchnitz, F. von, publisher: letter from Leipzig (Germany) 1881, offering Greek and Hebrew editions.

Tauchnitz, Karl Christoph Traugott (1761-1836), printer and publisher: 65 letters from Leipzig (Germany) 1818-1835.

Tauchnitz, Karl Christian Philipp (1798-1884), printer and publisher: 35 letters from Leipzig (Germany) 1836-1856

Taylor, Edward, scripture reader: 2 letters from Balaclava (Ukraine) 1856.

Taylor, Francis William, minister of religion: letter from Cotta (Sri Lanka) 1848.

Taylor, Isaac John, BFBS Agent: 19 letters from Yokohama (Japan) 1881-1883.

Taylor, J.W.: 2 letters from Souzier and Chailly sur Clarens (France) 1872-1873.

Taylor, James (junior): 10 letters from Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) 1824-1834, for local BS.

Taylor, James Hudson (1832-1905), founder of China Inland Mission: 11 letters from Chinkiang (China) and England 1861-1888.

Taylor, John, Moravian missionary: letter from Sharon, Barbados (West Indies) 1834.

Taylor, John Christopher (ca 1815-1880), Anglican clergyman, translator into Igbo: letter from Onitsha (Nigeria) 1866.

Taylor, Lachlin, Methodist minister, Agent of Upper Canada BS: 3 letters and journals from Toronto (Canada) 1853-1856.

Taylor, M.M. Perston (Miss): 11 letters from Jerusalem (Israel) and Scotland 1888-1894, about Arabic Braille.

Taylor, Richard (1805-1873), Anglican missionary: 2 letters from Wanganui (New Zealand) 1853-1854.

Tayor, Robert Barry (1810-1876), Congregational missionary: 5 letters from Theopolis (South Africa) 1844-1854.

Taylor, S.: 8 letters from Calais (France) 1868-1871.

Taylor, Thomas M.: 10 letters from Montreal (Canada) 1854-1856, for local BS.

Taylor, W., minister of religion: 5 letters from Montreal (Canada) 1847-1851.

Taylor, W., minister of religion: 3 letters from Madras (India) 1865, about Tamil.

Taylor, Wilbraham: 3 letters from Turin (Italy) and England 1853-1856.

Taylor, William: 2 letters from Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) 1823, for local BS.

Taylor, William: 6 letters from Kingston, Jamaica (West Indies) 1829-1831.

Taylor, William Ernest, Anglican missionary, translator into Giryama and Swahili: 33 letters from England and Mombasa (Kenya) 1890-1897.

Teall, William, minister of religion: 2 letters from Lucea, Jamaica (West Indies) 1856.

Tegnér, Esaias (1782-1846), Bishop: letter from Wexio (Växjö, Sweden) 1836.

Telford, John: 6 letters from England and Wanganui and Auckland (New Zealand) 1848-1854.

Tellesen, J.M.: letter from Lisbon (Portugal) 1869, with offer of services.

Temme, F.C., Professor and pastor of German congregation: 7 letters from Lüneburg, Nova Scotia (Canada) 1818-1828.

Temple, D., minister of religion: 10 letters from Malta and Smyrna (Izmir, Turkey) 1831-1834.

Tengström, Jacob (1755-1832), Archbishop of Finland: 25 letters from Åbo (Turku, Finland) 1811-1832.

Tesmer, Johann David: letter from Danzig (Gdansk, Poland) 1814.

Teza, __ (Professor): letter from Padua (Italy) 1889.

Thacker, Samuel C.: 4 letters from Boston (USA) 1813-1815, for local BS.

Thatcher, H.T.: letter from Madeira (Portugal) 1826.

Theissing & Co., printers and publishers: 2 letters from Münster (Germany) 1832.

Thelwall, A.S., minister of religion: 3 letters from Amsterdam (Netherlands) and England 1824-1837.

Theophilius, A., of Madras Auxiliary BS: 11 letters from Madras (India) 1874-1895, about Telugu.

Theotoky, A., son of Baron E. Theotoky: 4 letters from Corfu (Greece) 1820-1821, for Ionian BS.

Theotoky, Emmanuel (Baron), President of the Senate of the Ionian States: 4 letters from Corfu (Greece) 1818-1823.

Theremin, Wilhelm von, Prussian Consul-general: letter from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 1835.

Thiebaut, __ (Madame): letter from Dijon (France) 1822.

Thiefry, C.: 2 letters from Brussels (Belgium) 1848.

Thielmann, [Johann Adolf von (1765-1824), Prussian General]: letter from Münster (Germany) 1817.

Thielen, J.C. van: letter from Antwerp (Belgium) 1840.

Thierry, W.H.: 2 letters from Hermannstadt (perhaps Hermanuv Mestec, Czech Republic) 1825-1826.

Thiersch, __ (Professor): letter from Munich (Germany) 1828.

Thievert, H.J., minister of religion: 2 letters from Sleswick (Germany) 1838-1840.

Thile, __ [Ludwig Gustav von (1781-1852), General]: 10 letters from Berlin (Germany) 1831-1837.

Thilo, __: letter from Memel (Klaipeda, Lithuania) 1818.

Tholuck, (Friedrich) August Gottreu (1799-1877), Professor: 4 letters from Berlin and Halle (Germany) 1817-1853, for local BS.

Thom, George (b.1789), Congregational missionary, then Dutch Minister at Caledon: 15 letters from Cape Town and Caledon, (South Africa), and England 1812-1822.

Thomas, E. Cartwright: letter from Hamilton (Canada) 1854, for local BS.

Thomas, Evan (junior): letter from Baltimore (USA) 1816.

Thomas, F. Morgan: 2 letters from Harrismith (South Africa) 1897, about Sintebele.

Thomas, Gaudenz, minister of religion: 10 letters from Scevies, Grisons (Switzerland) 1812-1818.

Thomas, J.F.: letter from Madras (India) 1825.

Thomas, Jocelyn, of Colonial Treasure Office: 6 letters from Hobart Town (Australia) 1826-1832, for local BS.

Thomas, Jos.: letter from Gibraltar 1812.

Thomas, S.H., manager of copper works: 7 letters from Alten, West Finmark (Norway) 1849-1856.

Thomas, W. (Hon.): 3 letters from St Johns, Newfoundland (Canada) 1849-1854.

Thomason, J.: 2 letters from Calcutta (India) 1829-1830.

Thomason, Thomas (1774-1828), Anglican clergyman: 43 letters from Calcutta (India) 1812-1827, for local BS.

Thompson, A.C., of Hartford Theological Seminary: 3 letters from Boston (USA) 1895.

Thompson, A.J.: letter from Nassau (Bahamas) 1839.

Thompson, Elizabeth Maria (Mrs): 5 letters from Beyrout (Lebanon) 1868-1869, about Arabic for the blind.

Thompson, F.: 20 letters from Leghorn (Livorno, Italy) 1847-1851.

Thompson, H.J.: letter from Cape Haitien (Haiti) 1831.

Thompson, J.B. (Dr): letter from Damascus (Syria) 1845.

Thompson, James Charles (1804-1850), Congregational missionary: 2 letters from England and Quilon (India) 1829.

Thompson, John: 3 letters from Poughkeepsie, New York (USA) 1847-1848, about a legacy.

Thompson, M., minister of religion: 2 letters from Madras (India) 1810-1815.

Thompson, M. (Mrs): letter from Bagni della Villa Lucca (Italy) 1827.

Thompson, William: 2 letters from Cape Town (South Africa) 1855.

Thomsen, Claudius Henry (b.1782), Congregational missionary: 6 letters from England and Singapore 1814-1834.

Thomson, __ (Mrs): letter from Antioch (Turkey) 1854.

Thomson, A., minister of religion: letter from Lahore (Pakistan) 1864, about Tibetan.

Thomson, Adam, minister of religion: 19 letters from Montego Bay, Jamaica (West Indies) 1853-1857.

Thomson, Alexander (d.1899), missionary to the Jews, then BFBS Agent: ca 500 letters from Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) 1851-1897, plus contents of Agents Books 117, 127, 133, 141, 147.

Thomson, C.J., minister of religion: letter from New York (USA) 1835.

Thomson, Catherine (Mrs): 33 letters from Miramichi (Canada) 1825-1854.

Thomson, Henry E.: 5 letters from Beyrout (Lebanon) 1868, about Arabic for the blind.

Thomson, Hugh, naval captain: 6 letters from St Michael's, Azores, and Lisbon (Portugal), and England 1823-1831.

Thomson, J.Austin: 20 letters from Allahabad (India) 1885-1893.

Thomson, James (1788-1854) Scottish educator and BFBS Agent: 283 letters from Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, West Indies, Canada and Spain 1819-1854.

Thomson, James: letter from Miramichi, New Brunswick (Canada ) 1825.

Thomson, M.: letter from HMS Sappho, Tampico (Mexico) 1841.

Thomson, S., minister of religion: letter from Nice (France ) 1878, about modern Greek.

Thoresen, __: letter from Bergen (Norway) 1854, about formation of BFBS Agency.

Thorgrimsen, S.: letter from Reikiavik (Iceland) 1817, finance for Icelandic BS.

Thorkelin, G., justiciary: 10 letters from Copenhagen (Denmark) 1810-1812, about Icelandic.

Thorlacius, __ merchant: letter from Bildedahlin (Iceland) 1812.

Thornton James, merchant: 7 letters from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 1836-1841.

Thornton, P.: 2 letters from Hamilton (Canada) 1836-1840, for local BS.

Thornton, S., Bishop of Ballarat: letter from Ballarat (Australia) 1890, about English Revised Version.

Thorstenson, A., Rector of Kirkeby: letter from Iceland 1807.

Threlkeld, Lancelot Edward (1788-1859), Congregational missionary: 10 letters from New South Wales (Australia) 1825-1851.

Thring, E., minister of religion: letter from the Chincha Islands (Peru) 1868.

Thurneisen (also Tourneisen), Emmanuel: 3 letters from Basel (Switzerland) 1825-1828.

Thust, __ minister of religion: letter from Sarepta (Russia) 1877, about Calmuc.

Thwaites, John: 4 letters from Lima (Peru) 1824-1827.

Thwaites, William, Anglican missionary: 5 letters from Derajat and Peshawar (Pakistan) 1888-1893, about Pashtu.

Tiddy, William Pascoe (1810-1890), BFBS Agent: 675 letters from Ostend and Brussels (Belgium) 1835-1854.

Tidemann, [Daniel?], Alderman: 6 letters from Bremen (Germany) 1815-1823, for local BS.

Tiefenthal, F.S., Professor: letter from Rome (Italy) 1895, about Hebrew Psalms.

Tiele, __ (Professor): letter from Leiden (Netherlands) 1883, about Frisian.

Tiessin, Peter: letter from Danzig (Gdansk, Poland) 1814, for local BS.

Tietzen, G., minister of religion: letter from Niesky (Germany) 1851.

Tilley, S.L.: letter from St John, New Brunswick (Canada ) 1851.

Tindal, J. [perhaps John, Methodist missionary]: letter from Turks Island (Bahamas) 1836

Tinson, E.H. (Miss): letter from Kingston, Jamaica (West Indies) 1840.

Tinson, Joshua, minister of religion: 25 letters from Kingston, Jamaica (West Indies) 1828-1841.

Tippet, H.W., minister of religion: letter from Queensbury, New Brunswick (Canada) 1849.

Tisdall, Wiliam St Clair (1859-1928), Anglican missionary: 3 letters from Julfa (Iran) 1893-1897, about Persian and Kurdish.

Tittman, [perhaps Johann August Heinrich (1773-1831), Professor]: letter from Leipzig (Germany) 1822.

Tocque, P: 2 letters from Harbour Briton, Newfoundland (Canada) 1846-1848

Tod, Robert: 11 letters from England, Beyrout (Lebanon), and Damascus (Syria) 1830-1837.

Todd, A: letter from Alexandria (Egypt) 1832.

Todd, E. D'Arcy (Major): letter from Goolahaik (Iran) 1837.

Todderick, Cornelia, an orphan girl: letter from Batavia (Jakarta, Indonesia) 1839.

Toegel, __: letter from Hildesheim (Germany) 1817.

Toledano, Guiseppe: letter from Malta 1874, about his Arab-African grammar.

Tolfrey, William: letter from Colombo (Sri Lanka) 1815, for local BS.

Tomlin, Jacob (1793-1880): 13 letters from Bankok (Thailand), Singapore, Malacca (Malaysia), and England 1828-1860.

Tomlinson, J.R.: 4 letters from Manchester, Jamaica (West Indies) 1841-1856.

Tommaso, __ (Padre): letter from Rome (Italy) 1818, about Ethiopic and Arabic.

Tomory, Alexander, minister of religion: letter from Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) 1851.

Toorenenberger, J.J. van, of the Netherlands BS: 2 letters from Amsterdam (Netherlands) 1884, about Batta and Javanese.

Topertzer, Johann Ludwig von, minister of religion: letter from Leutschau (Levoca, Slovakia) 1843.

Török, P. von, minister of religion : letter from Pesth (Budapest, Hungary) 1840.

Torrey, W.: letter from Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1828.

Torriano, W.H. : letter from Madras (India) 1809.

Tottenham, Robert Loftus, minister of religion: 3 letters from Florence (Italy) 1871-1874.

Tötterman, C.G., minister of religion: 2 letters from Helsingfors (Helsinki, Finland) 1892, about Ovambo.

Touch, J.G. (Captain): letter from Madras (India) 1861, for local BS.

Toum, J.B.: letter from Saluzzo (Italy) 1849.

Tour, Chabaud de (General): letter from Versailles (France) 1871, reference for M. Meyruis.

Tourn, Jean B., colporteur in Nice (France) area: journals May-July 1853.

Tourneisen, Emmanuel, of Basel, see under Thurneisen

Towler, William (d.1854) [Methodist missionary]: 4 letters from Puerto Plata, St Domingo (Dominican Repoublic) 1851-1853.

Townley, C.G., minister of religion: letter from Boulogne (France) 1851.

Townley, Henry (1784-1861), Congregational missionary: 6 letters from Calcutta (India) and England 1818-1834.

Townsend, Henry (1815-1886), Anglican missionary: 3 letters from Abbeokuta (Nigeria) 1854-1866, about Yoruba.

Toy, Robert (1834-1879), Congregational missionary: 5 letters from Antananarivo (Madagascar) 1866-1872, about Malagasy.

Tracy, C.C., minister of religion: letter from Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) 1869.

Trattner, __ : letter from Pesth (Budapest, Hungary) 1842.

Trautvetter, Johann Chr., Moravian minister: 7 letters from Neudietendorf (Germany) 1813-1818.

Travers, Smith: 7 letters from England, Philadelphia and Washington (USA) 1818-1827.

Trench, Robert Le Poer, Colonel of 74th Regiment: 2 letters from Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) 1818-1819.

Trenz, __ (Dr): letter from Venice (Italy) 1851.

Treschow, Peter, minister of religion: 14 letters from England, Christiania (Oslo, Norway), Christiansfeld (Denmark) and Gothenburg (Sweden) 1807-1827.

Treskin, Nikolai Ivanovich, Civil Governor of Irkutsk: letter from Irkutsk, Siberia (Russia) 1816, about Mongolian.

Tress, T.B., minister of religion: 2 letters from Sydney (Australia) 1886.

Treuttel and Wurtz, booksellers and printers: 67 letters from England and Paris (France) 1811-1834.

Trevelyan, C.E.: letter from Calcutta (India) 1838.

Trevelyan, Sir Charles: 4 letters from England and Madras (India) 1858-1859, about Hindustani.

Trevillier, Jean Charles & Son: letter from Frankfurt (Germany) 1818, about finance.

Treviranus, Georg Gottfried (1788-1868), minister of religion: 11 letters from Bremen (Germany) 1815-1847, for local BS.

Trew, J.M., Anglican clergyman: 46 letters from Ireland, Jamaica (West Indies) and Nassau (Bahamas) 1821-1850.

Tricks, L., Secretary of Evangelical Society: letter from Stockholm (Sweden) 1809.

Trigg, H. [perhaps Henry, Methodist local preacher]: 4 letters from Perth and Swan River (Australia) 1848-1851.

Trimnell, George Conibere (d.1880), Anglican missionary: letter from Sri Lanka 1847.

Tromparent, __, minister of religion: letter from Paris (France) 1818.

Tronchin, Henry (Colonel): 23 letters from Geneva (Switzerland) 1837-1857.

Trott, C. Crato: letter from Messina (Italy) 1814.

Trotter, R.: 5 letters from Cannes (France) 1868-1869.

Troude, __ , army captain: letter from Cherbourg (France) 1840, about Breton.

Trowbridge, J.C., American missionary: letter from Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) 1868.

Trowitzsch & Son: letter from Berlin (Germany) 1873, about printing plates.

Trumbull, David (1819-1889), American missionary: 2 letters from Valparaiso (Chile) 1869-1872.

Trumpp, Ernst (1828-1885), missionary and Professor: letter from Munich (Germany) 1880, about Pushtu.

Truvé, T.: letter from Gothenburg (Sweden) 1876, about Swedish.

Truy, J.: letter from Toulon (France) 1868, about gospels for sailors and workmen at Arsenal.

Tucker, Alfred Robert, Bishop of East Equatorial Africa: 9 letters from England and Zanzibar (Tanzania) 1891-1897, about Luganda and Swahili.

Tucker, J.K., minister of religion: 2 letters from Parramatta (Australia) 1862.

Tucker, Joseph: letter from Alexandria (Egypt) 1871.

Tuekniss, Benjamin F., acting British Chaplain: letter from Pernambuco (Brazil) 1841.

Tugman, James E., BFBS Agent: 30 letters from Lisbon (Portugal) 1869-1875, plus contents of Agents Books 130, 138, 150.

Tugwell, Lewen Street, Anglican missionary, then chaplain at Seville: 3 letters from Cadiz and Seville (Spain) 1870-1871.

Türckheim & Co.: 5 letters from Strasbourg (France) 1817-1820, about finance.

Turgenev, A, of the Russian BS: 5 letters from St Petersburg (Russia) 1814-1816.

Türk, A.: letter from Schwerin (Germany) 1826.

Turley, Robert T., BFBS Agent: 3 letters from Chemulpo (Korea) 1892-1894

Turnbull, Adam: letter from Hobart Town (Australia) 1833, for local BS.

Turnbull, A ., minister of religion: letter from Darjeeling (India) 1893, about Nepali.

Turnbull, R: letter from Montego Bay, Jamaica (West Indies) 1848.

Turner, W.A., Captain in Royal Artillery: 2 letters from Grenada (West Indies) 1849-1851.

Turner, George (1818-1891), Congregational missionary, translator into Samoan: 17 letters from Samoa and England 1847-1887.

Turner, Mary : letter from Ligneolles, Canton de Vaud (Switzerland) 1831.

Turner, Michael: letter from St George (Bermuda) 1814 or1815.

Turner, Ralph: 2 letters from Nelson (New Zealand) 1853-1855.

Turrettini, __, member of Italian-Swiss Committee: letter from Geneva (Switzerland) 1853.

Tussuf, Pietro: letter from Trieste (Italy) 1820.

Twining, J.T.: letter from Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) 1851, about Micmac.

Twisleton, Thomas P. (Archdeacon): 3 letters from Colombo (Sri Lanka) 1815-1824.

Tyas, V.: letter from Bathurst (Banjul, The Gambia) 1867, about Jaloof (Wolof).

Tybeck, J., minister of religion: letter from Ön (Sweden) 1833.

Typaldos, Georgios G.K., librarian: 2 letters from Athens (Greece) 1843-1845.

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