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Title Foreign Correspondents 'J'
Reference BSAX/1/J
Covering Dates 1804–1897
Extent and Medium 116 correspondents
Content and context

Jaccard, J., minister of religion: 2 letters from Crèvecoeur, near Beauvais (France) 1831.

Jacklen, H., BFBS employee: 2 letters from Hannover and Cologne 1872-1874.

Jackson, Joseph: letter from Lily Fountain, Khamier-Bergen (South Africa) 1840.

Jackson, William Walrond (1811-1895), Bishop of Antigua: 15 letters from Trinidad and Barbados (West Indies) 1837-1854.

Jacob, S.H., minister of religion: letter from HMS Dauntless, off St Paul's, Kertch (Ukraine) 1856, reporting distribution to Turkish soldiers.

Jacobi, A., of Canstein Bible Institution: 2 letters from Halle (Germany) 1829.

Jacobi, Augustin, of the Malabar mission: letter from Vepery, near Madras (India) 1813.

Jacobi, Christian Friedrich, garrison chaplain: 4 letters from Dresden (Germany) 1814-1818, for the Saxon BS.

Jacoby, Ludwig Sigismund (1813-1874), of American Methodist Church: letter from Bremen (Germany) 1853, asking for scriptures for Staffordshire pottery workers.

Jacottet, E., missionary, translator into Sesuto: 3 letters from Neuchâtel (Switzerland) 1896-1897.

Jacquis, Augustin, BFBS colporteur: 6 letters from Geneva (Switzerland) 1870-1872.

Jaeck, __, of the Royal Library: 4 letters from Bamberg (Germany) 1838-1839.

Jaeger, M.: letter from Canstadt (Germany) 1820.

Jaeschke, Christian Friedrich, minister of religion: 3 letters from Gnadau (Germany) 1825-1826.

Jaeschke, Heinrich August (1817-1883), Moravian missionary, translator into Tibetan: 2 letters from Kyelang (India) 1863-1882.

Jahn, [Martin Johann (1750-1816) Roman Catholic Professor]: letter from Vienna (Austria) 1814.

James, F.H., minister of religion: letter from Chi-nan-fu (China) 1891, about Chinese.

James, J. T., Bishop of Calcutta: letter 1827, agreeing to be a Vice-President.

James, W.J.: letter from Saigon (Vietnam) 1896, about Cambodia.

James, William: 4 letters from Corfu (Greece) 1820-1821, for Ionian BS.

Jameson, John, BFBS Agent: 34 letters from Madrid (Spain) 1888-1895, about various languages.

Jamieson, W., British chaplain: letters from Amsterdam (Netherlands) 1844-1853.

Janasz, Adolf: 2 letters from Plochozin (probably Poland) and England 1874-1890, about Judeo-Polish.

Jänicke, J.: letter from Warsaw (Poland) 1834.

Jänicke, Johann [Jenjk, J.] (1748-1827), Czech revivalist and mission educator: 80 letters from Berlin 1804-1825.

Janina, Bishop of: letter from Janina (Greece) 1816, about distribution of modern Greek NTs.

Jannau, H. (Rev Dr): 3 letters from Lais and Kannapak (Russia) 1847-1853.

Jansz, A., teacher at free Christian school: letter from Arnhem (Netherlands) 1856.

Jansz, Pieter (1820-1904), Mennonite missionary, translator into Javanese: 17 letters from Suracarta and Wanaredja (Indonesia) 1881-1889.

Janzen, C.: letter from Berdiansk (Ukraine) 1872.

Jaques, Aug., missionary, translator into Gwamba [Thonga]: 4 letters from Vevey (Switzerland) 1888-1892.

Jaquet, H.: 5 letters from Glay, Doubs (France) 1821-1853.

Jardine, W., merchant: letter from Canton (China) 1838, to BFBS Agent, about shipping.

Jarrett, W., minister of religion: 4 letters from Sydney (Australia) 1836-1838.

Jaucourt, __ de (Marquis) President of Protestant BS: 4 letters from Paris (France) 1819-1842.

Jayet, __, President of Spanish Committee of Lausanne: letter from Lausanne (Switzerland) 1870.

Jeckel, __, minister of religion: letter from Kansbach 1818.

Jefferies, Thomas, Methodist missionary: 3 letters from Belize 1838.

Jeffreys, Henry: 11 letters from Bombay (India) 1821-1837, for local BS.

Jeffries, J., minister of religion: letter from Adelaide (Australia) 1866, about Lifu.

Jeffries, Thomas, Methodist missionary: letters from Belize 1838-1839, for Honduras BS.

Jenkins, A. Llewellyn, minister of religion, son of John: 31 letters from Morlaix (France) 1872-1896, about Breton.

Jenkins, Henry, Anglican clergyman: letter from St George's, Jamaica (West Indies) 1813.

Jenkins, J.C., Anglican clergyman: letter from Brussels (Belgium) 1874, about a church collection.

Jenkins, J. J., minister of religion: letter from Madras (India) 1860, about Tamil.

Jenkins, John (d.1872), Baptist minister: 81 letters from Morlaix (France) 1835-1872, about Breton.

Jenkins, John, Methodist minister: 9 letters from Malta 1843-1844.

Jenkins, John: 7 letters from Montreal (Canada) 1852-1853, for local BS.

Jenkins, L.C., minister of religion: 3 letters from Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island (Canada) 1845-1849.

Jenkinson, .E.L.S. (Mrs): 5 letters from England, Marseilles (France), and Italy 1826-1848.

Jenkinson, Frances A. (Miss): 2 letters from Madeira (Portugal) and England 1826-1833.

Jennings, J.S.:letter from Launceston, Tasmania (Australia) 1852, for local BS.

Jensen, A.D.: letter from Kiel (Germany) 1874, asking for NT and Psalms to be printed in Platt-Deutsch.

Jeremiassen, [C.C., customs official in China, translator into Hainan colloquial]: 3 letters from Copenhagen (Denmark) 1891-1895.

Jerrom, Thomas (d.1851), Anglican missionary: 8 letters from Bombay (India) 1849-1850.

Jerusalem, Bishop of, see under Gobat, Samuel.

Jervin, G.P., of the Royal Italian Industrial Museum: 5 letters from Turin (Italy) 1869, about an exhibition.

Jessen, Trail & Co.: 3 letters from Batavia (Jakarta, Indonesia) 1820-1824.

Jessop, John (1816-1886), Anglican Chaplain: 2 letters from Ostende (Belgium) 1842-1843.

Jeszenák, Johann von (Baron), President of the Bible Institute: 2 letters from Pressburg (Bratislava, Slovakia) 1815-1817.

Jetter, "John Andrew" (d.1885), Anglican missionary: 7 letters from England and Turkey 1828-1856.

Jetto, Rocco: 6 letters from Rosario (Argentina) 1890-1894, about Basque, Guarani and Spanish.

Jeynes, W.: 3 letters from London and Newfoundland (Canada) 1833-1839.

Joeck, Johannn August, minister of religion: letter from Mossbach, Saxony (Germany) 1814.

Joeckel, F., Roman Catholic priest: letter from Kirchhofen (Germany) 1817.

John, Griffith (1831-1912), Congregational missionary: letter from China 1884, about his 'Easy Wenli' version.

Johnson, C., minister of religion: letter from Warberg (Sweden) 1812.

Johnson, C.R., [perhaps a Methodist missionary]: 2 letters from Sierra Leone 1897, about various languages.

Johnson, Henry: letter from New York (USA) 1809, for Young Men's BS.

Johnson, N. [Nathaniel, minister of religion, translator into Yoruba]: 5 letters from Lagos (Nigeria) 1886-1888.

Johnson, S.B.: letter from Toronto (Canada) 1855, for local BS.

Johnson, W.: 2 letters from Antananarivo (Madagascar) 1872-1873, about Malagasy.

Johnson, W.F. (Rev Dr): 3 letters from Biddle University, Charlotte, N.C. (USA) 1891, about Hindi.

Johnson, W. [Wilhelm A.B. (1787-1823), Anglican missionary]: letter from Regents Town (Sierra Leone) 1821, thanks for books for seminary.

Johnston, A.L. & Co.: 2 letters from Singapore 1826-1827.

Johnston, Sir Alexander (1775-1849), Chief Justice of Ceylon: 8 letters from Colombo (Sri Lanka) 1810-1832.

Johnston, J.T., colporteur of Jaffna Auxiliary BS (Sri Lanka): journal Jul-Sep 1856.

Johnston, John Talbot (d.1871), Anglican missionary: 12 letters from Jaffna (Sri Lanka) 1842-1845.

Johnston, Joseph (1814-1892), Congregational missionary: letter from Tahiti (French Polynesia) 1848.

Johnston, Robert: 2 letters from Madras (India) 1843, for local BS.

Johnston, W.: letter from Bordeaux (France) 1819, for local BS.

Jones, David, minister of religion: 3 letters from Guingamp and Morlaix (France) 1824-1825, about Breton.

Jones, David (1797-1841), Congregational missionary: 7 letters from Madagascar and Mauritius 1828-1840.

Jones, David Picton (1860-1936), Congregational missionary, translator into Kimambwe: 3 letters from Lake Tanganyika (Tanzania) 1894-1895.

Jones, E., minister of religion: 3 letters from Fourah Bay (Sierra Leone) 1842-1844, for local BS.

Jones, J.: letter from Antigua (West Indies) 1815, for local BS.

Jones, John (1829-1908), Congregational missionary, translator into Maré: 25 letters from England and Sydney (Australia) 1894-1897.

Jones, Peter, Methodist minister, translator into Chippewa: 9 letters from England and Canada 1831-1837.

Jones, R.E., Chaplain to the Governor of the Isles of France and Bourbon: 8 letters from Port Louis (Mauritius) 1812-1825, for local BS.

Jones, Richard: 3 letters from New South Wales (Australia) 1817-1830, for local BS.

Jones, Robert, Chaplain to Governor of Cape of Good Hope: 8 letters from Cape Town (South Africa) and England 1813-1819, for Bible & School Commission.

Jones, Samuel, minister of religion: 2 letters from St Helena and England 1814-1818.

Jones, T.: letter from Colombo (Sri Lanka) 1831.

Jones, W.E., minister of religion: 2 letters from Toungoo (Myanmar) 1887-1888, about Sgau Karen.

Jones, W. Jenkyn, minister of religion: 4 letters from Quimper (France) 1882-1889, about Breton and colporteurs.

Jones, Sir William (1746-1794), orientalist: letter from Calcutta (India) 1793, to John Shore.

Jones-Bateman, Percy Lisle, Archdeacon of Zanzibar, translator into Swahili: 5 letters from England and Zanzibar (Tanzania) 1891-1895.

Jonsson, Steingrimur: 2 letters from Iceland 1827-1828.

Jordon & Osborn: 5 letters from Kingston, Jamaica (West Indies) 1836-1839.

Josenhans, Johann Friedrich (1769-1850), merchant: 2 letters from Leonberg (Germany) 1816-1817.

Josenhans, Joseph (1812-1884), Inspector of Basel Mission: 17 letters from Basel (Switzerland) 1851-1876, about various languages.

Joseph V, Chaldean Patriarch: letter from Diarbekir (Turkey) 1822.

Jourdan, J., minister of religion: letter from Jacmel (Haiti) 1835.

Jowett, William (d.1855), Anglican missionary: 78 letters from Malta and England 1816-1836.

Jozeffy, Paul, minister of religion: 2 letters from Theissholz (Hungary) 1830-1838.

Judd, C.H., minister of religion: letter from Chefoo (China) 1894, about Chinese.

Judd, Gidson N.: letter from Nassau Hall, Princeton (USA) 1816, for local BS.

Judd, Willard: letter from Salisbury Centre, Herkimer County (USA) 1838.

Jukes, Worthington, Anglican missionary, translator into Pashtu: 20 letters from England and Peshawar (Pakistan) 1884-1897.

Julien, Stan. (Professor): letter from Paris (France) 1838.

Jung, __, prison chaplain: letter from Plötzensee (Germany) 1873, asking for NTs for prisoners.

Jung-Stilling, Johann Heinrich (1740-1817) Professor: 3 letters from Carlsruhe (Germany) 1814-1815.

Junod, H., minister of religion: 2 letters from Neuchâtel (Switzerland) 1871, asking for scriptures for French soldiers.

Junor, W.D. (son of William Junor): letters from Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1873-1874, in Agents Book 123.

Junor, William (d.1873), BFBS Agent: letters from Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1868-1872, in Agents Book 123.

Juritz, C.F.: letter from Cape Town (South Africa) 1846.

Justi, [Karl Wilhelm (1767-1846)], Professor and school superintendent: 5 letters from Marburg (Germany) 1814-1824.

Juta, J.C.: letter from Cape Town (South Africa) 1872, asking for Dutch scriptures.

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