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The Papers of Brigadier Robert E. ('Bobby') Loder

Title The Papers of Brigadier Robert E. ('Bobby') Loder
Reference GBR/0272/PP/REL
(former reference: Misc. 22)
Creator Loder, Robert E.
Covering Dates 1940–1976 (Many items are undated. Most items originated between 1940 and 1945.)
Extent and Medium 11 envelopes and 11 volumes; paper
Repository King's College Archive Centre, Cambridge
Content and context

There are no biographical details available for Robert Loder at present.

The collection contains notebooks, diaries and photographs relating to entertainments of British Prisoners of War (P.O.W.s) in camps at Laufen, Eichstatt and Dossel near Warburg in Germany.

The majority of the collection was given to King's College Library by Brigadier Loder in 1976. REL/19, 'Notes for Play', was given to the College by the Royal Sussex Regimental Association in June 1985. The other papers were presented to the Archive Centre owing to Loder's friendship with the Librarian, A. N. L. Munby.

Access and Use

Please cite as King's College Archive Centre, Cambridge, The Papers of Brigadier Robert E. ('Bobby') Loder, REL

Further information

This catalogue was completed in August 1978.

Index Terms
Loder, Robert E (b c 1925) prisoner of war
King's/PP/REL contains:
1 Photograph album. The album contains photographs of British Officer P. O. W. entertainments at Laufen Olag VII C and Bichstatt Oflag VII B, with some programmes pasted in.
1 volume; paper and photographic print.
2 Photographs of entertainments at Laufen and Eichstatt.
29 photographs in envelope; photographic print.
3 Photographs of life in Laufen and Eichstatt.
13 photographs in envelope; photographic print.
4 Notes on the collection of papers. Autograph manuscript notes by Brigadier Loder on the contents of the papers.
4 sheets in envelope; paper.
5 'Laufen Entertainments'. Black notebook containing 39 pages of rough notes by Major H. K. Hardcastle R. A. and E. A. Ree; plus 'A History of Entertainments at Laufen' (Hardcastle's writing), 79 pages including 23 pages of songs, written in pencil.
1 volume; paper.
6 'Dossel. Entertainments I'. Black notebook containing an outline of entertainments at Dossell near Warburg, 39 pages written in ink, in the hand of Lt. W. Andrew Biggar.
1 volume; paper.
13 Oct. 1941–30 July 1942
7 'Minute Book. Brigade Entertainments Committee. Theatre Committee. Music Committee.'. Black notebook containing 66 pages of notes in ink, in the hand of E. A. Ree, the secretary, covering entertainments at Dossel near Warburg.
1 volume; paper.
15 Oct. 1941-Aug. 1942
8 'Dossel and Eichstatt Entertainments II'. Black notebook containing 27 pp in E. A. Ree's hand, outlining entertainments.
1 volume; paper.
Aug. 1942-May 1943
9 'Entertainments Diary: Eichstatt (continued)'. Blue notebook, 24 pp written in ink, in Lt Biggar's hand, outlining entertainments. Inserted into the notebook are programmes for 'Hamlet' and the Music Festival, Eichstatt, Feb. 1944, and a pencil list of orderlies and their places of origin (2 pp).
1 notebook and loose sheets; paper.
June 1943-Apr. 1944
10 'Eichstatt Entertainments Diary'. Blue notebook outlining entertainments, 16 pp in the hand of W. Andrew Biggar.
1 volume; paper.
Aug. 1944-Dec. 1944
11 'Brigade Entertainments. Oflag VIIB'.
10 items and 1 envelope; paper.
12 'Entertainments Diary Summary'. Red notebook containing 75 pp ink in the hand of Captain R. Loder, describing entertainments at Laufen, Dossel and Eichstatt. Stitched in are programmes of 'Babes Up', 'Post Mortem', 'Count Albany' and 'The Man of Destiny', 'The Case of the Frightened Lady', 'Gaslight', 'Dossing Dulcie', 'I Killed the Count' and The Music Festival, Eichstatt, Feb. 1944.
1 volume; paper.
June 1940-Jan. 1944
13 'Citronella. A Pantomime in 3 Scenes'. Black notebook (with torn cover) containing 113 pp text, ink, in hand of R. E. Loder plus 9 pp stage directions and director's annotations in another hand in pencil.
1 volume; paper.
14 'Pantomime 1942'. Green folder containing 67 typescript pages with manuscript annotations, comprising the script and production notes for the pantomime 'Babes Up'.
1 folder in envelope; paper.
15 'Pantomime 1943'. Pink folder containing 71 typescript pages with manuscript annotations, comprising the prompt copy of the pantomime 'Dossing Dulcie'.
1 folder in envelope; paper.
16 Programmes. The file contains programmes for the following entertainments: 'McLaddin - Pantomime 1940'; 'Another Little Drink', Jan. 1941; 'Citronella' - Pantomime 1941; 'Count Albany'; 'The Case of the Frightened Lady'; 'Post Mortem'; 'Gaslight' (all 1943); 'Dossing Dulcie' - Pantomime 1943; 'I Killed the Count', 1944; 'The Comedy of Errors' - Christmas Pantomime 1944; 'King Lear'; 'The Proposal'; 'Once in a Lifetime and 'French Without Tears' - undated; plus a large squared sheet containing a calendar of entertainments.
23 items in envelope; paper.
17 'Touchstone' no. 8, Oflag VIIB. Printed magazine of essays, poems, jokes &c (36 pp containing an article 'The Lifeboat's Crew' (pp. 3-6) about Bobby Loder and the Oflag VIIB Theatre.
1 item in envelope; paper.
June 1944
18 Costume catalogue. Catalogue of the Theatrical Costumier, F and A Diringer, Munich.
1 item in envelope; paper.
19 'Notes for a play'. Autograph manuscript script with synopsis, lists of characters and production notes.
1 item in envelope; paper.
20 Box office returns. The file comprises box office returns in the hand of R. A. Sutton, Finance Officer, for the shows 'Stop Gap' (3 June 1943); 'I killed the Count' (20 Jan. 1944); 'Hamlet' (22 Apr. 1944); 'New Faces' - Orderlies' Show (2 May 1944); 'Once in a Lifetime' (18 May 1944); 'Second Wind' (6 Sept. 1944); Orchestral Concerts (3 Oct. 1944); 'The Proposal' and 'Hands Across the Sea' (21 Oct. 1944).
8 sheets in envelope; paper.

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