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King's/PP/MRJ contains:
A Autograph manuscripts of works by MRJ
AA Acquisition of the MRJ papers
B Manuscripts and typescripts probably not by MRJ
C Miscellaneous personal and College material
D Correspondence
E Correspondence between MRJ and the McBryde family
F Oversize Materials: Books, Photographs, and Sketches
P Provostship
X Extra material
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The Papers of Montague Rhodes James

Title Oversize Materials: Books, Photographs, and Sketches
Reference MRJ/F
Covering Dates 1897–1966
Extent and Medium 1 box; paper
Content and context

This series contains photographs and portraits of MRJ and the McBryde family and others, sketches, a scrapbook and copies of "Letters to a Friend."

King's/PP/MRJ/F contains:
1 Photograph of demonstration. Photograph of the demonstration at the Senate House on the occasion of the vote on women's degrees.
1 envelope; photographic print.
2 Sketch by James McBryde. Pencil sketch of the river with King's Chapel in the background. Endorsed in MRJ's hand "King's by McBryde".
1 envelope; paper.
3 Water-colour painting. Water-colour, possibly attributed to Gwendolyn McBryde, made up of motifs reminiscent of MRJ's ghost stories, n.d., unsigned.
1 envelope; paper.
4 Transcript of letters by MRJ to Gordon Carey. Transcript in the hand of Gordon Carey of letters written to him by MRJ, 1913-1935. Transcript dated 1967.
Bound volume; paper.
5 Scrap-album. Large scrap-album in which MRJ collected photographs and other material relating to the performance of Aristophanes' The Birds' on 1 December 1883, in which he played Peithetairos.
1 object; paper.
6 James McBryde's illustrations for MRJ's ghost stories. From Canon Alberic's Scrap Book: "The Englishman was too deep in his notebook," "A hand like the hand in the picture;" from O whistle and I'll come to you my lad: "looking up in an attitude of painful anxiety;" "It leapt towards him upon the instant." All four of these drawings are the final versions from which the plates were made for the book, and bear pencil marks relating to the making of the plates. They do not bear the captions over which they were published; these have been added in the descriptions above for purposes of identification. Drafts of two other drawings.
6 items in envelope; paper.
7 Etchings by James McBryde. Two etchings by McBryde, one an undated Christmas card, showing a street-band; the other showing a small child being chased by a smaller dog through a (possibly Swedish) town with steep streets and steps. This latter may be the 'trial etching' mentioned by Richard Pfaff (Montague Rhodes James, 198-, page 150) as having confirmed MRJ's desire that McBrydfe should illustrate the ghost stories. The former has McBryde's initials on the plate; the second is inscribed in pencil on the bottom r.h. edge of the plate mark 'M.R.J. from James McBryde.'.
2 items in envelope; paper.
8 Photographs. 1. Group photograph by V. Preisz of MRJ, A.E. Conybeare, Thomas Anstey Guthrie, A.E. Ramsay, and one other, in the rose garden of a house, possibly in Germany, where MRJ and others are known to have holidayed in 1911, signed numbered 6, dated 13 August 1911 in ink on the reverse of the photograph, and the names of the subjects are noted in pencil on the reverse in the hand of A.E. Scholfield; 2. Photograph of Dippersmoor Manor, to which Gwendolyn and Jane moved in 1929, taken by Hammonds of Hereford, studio stamp on reverse with reference number; 3. Studio portrait of James McBryde, n.d., by Turner and Drinkwater of Hull; 4. Studio portrait of Gwendolyn McBryde, n.d., by the same; 5. Studio portrait of Jane McBryde, n.d., by the same; at the age of 7 yrs? Studio and reference number on reverse; 6. Studio portrait of Jane McBryde, n.d., by Henry Dixon and Son of Albany Street N.W. in highland dress, at the age of about twelve years, studio stamp and reference number on reverse.
6 items in envelope; paper.
9a Proof copy of MRJ's 'Letters to a Friend', plus letters. Proof copy of MRJ's Letters to a Friend, ed. Gwendolyn McBryde (Arnold, 1955), with Sir Shane Leslie's ex-libris on the upper wrapper. The volume is copiously annotated by Sir Shane, mostly with corrections of GMcB's misreadings and insertions of the passages she excised. He has stuck into it the following items: tow sheets of (probably a single) letter from GMcB to James McBryde, 6 February 1903 (one sheet tipped in at the front, the other on the verso of the contents page); a letter from Jane McBryde to Sir Shane, '18.xi' (tipped in to recto of contents page), a number of cuttings from the Annual Report of the Council of King's College recording gifts of MRJ material by Sir Shane, a photograph of Gwendolyn and James McBryde sitting on a windowsill, and a cutting from Country Life (issue of 21 Feb 1963) on the last page and inside the lower wrapper.
6 items in envelope; paper.
9b Transcripts of unpublished letters from MRJ to GMcB. Thirteen quarto sheets of Sir Shane Leslie's transcripts of letters from MRJ to GMcB not published by GMcB not published by GMcB in Letters to a Friend. Found loose in F/9a, December 1981. Letters to a Friend was eventually published with the date 1956.
13 items in envelope; paper.
10 Copy of 'Letters to a Friend'. Sir Shane Leslie's copy of MRJ's 'Letters to a Friend', ed. Gwendolyn McBryde (Arnold, 1956) containing, tipped in, the envelopes of the letters between MRJ and GMcB (the letters themselves were removed after the arrival of this item at King's, and placed separately: see Section E), and also various photographs of MRJ, GMcB to James McBryde, p.m. 4 Feb with a sketch by GMcB of herself skating, a letter from J.W. Bland to Sir Shane, 24 Nov 1964, and a letter from A.N.L. Munby to Sir Shane, 27 January 1966.
1 item; paper.

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