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'The Cambridge Humanists and the BBC'

Title 'The Cambridge Humanists and the BBC'
Reference GBR/0272/PP/HUM
(former reference: Misc. 94)
Creator Routledge, Norman
Covering Dates 1955–1979
Extent and Medium 6 envelopes; paper
Repository King's College Archive Centre, Cambridge
Content and context

The Cambridge Humanists (CH) were founded in 1955 'for discussion, to hear talks by visiting speakers, and, in general, to give expression to the humanist point of view in the City and University of Cambridge'. Members included Prof. JD Boyd, JL Brereton, R Bryden [?KC 1951], Meyer Fortes (KC 1950), JSL Gilmour, CJ Goodchild, R[obin] L[apthorn] Marris (KC 1941), JW Miller, JR Northam, C[harles] C[ameron] D[eane] Shute (KC 1936), W[illiam] D[avid] J[ames] Cargill Thompson (KC 1951), R[obert] [Karel] Weatherall (KC 1950), KW Wedderburn, Noel Annan (KC 1935), Bertrand Russell, and Edmund R Leach (KC 1960) with support from D Daiches, E[dward] M[organ] Forster (KC 1897), F Hoyle, RA Lyttelton, G[eorge] E Moore, Mrs CD Rackham, Gwen Raverat, and Prof Sir Arthur Tansley.

The collection comprises documents related to the Cambridge Humanists and their deputation to the BBC to argue the case for a Humanist presence on the air.

This file was given by Norman Routledge in August 2005.

Routledge's file titles have been retained.

Access and Use

Please cite as King's College Archive Centre, Cambridge, 'The Cambridge Humanists and the BBC', HUM

Further information

The BBC Written Archives Centre holds file 'Forster, E.M. RCont. 1 910. File 10A 1955-57' which relates to the Cambridge Humanists.

Index Terms
Forster, Edward Morgan (1879-1970) novelist
Annan, Noel Gilroy (1916-2000) Baron Annan, historian
Leach, Edmund Ronald (1901-1989) anthropologist
Russell, Bertrand Arthur William (1872-1970) 3rd Earl Russell, philosopher
King's/PP/HUM contains:
1 'Cambridge Humanists'. This file contains:. - a photocopy of TS invitation to join the CH, setting out its aims;. - annotated minutes 4 November 1957 and 20 January 1958;. - annotated TS copy letter from Routledge to Leach dated 7 January 1958 regarding proposed meeting at the BBC.
4 pages; paper.
19 May 1955–17 Feb 1958
2 'Misc. (incl. history)'. This file contains: . - MS notes from unnamed meetings;. - TS letter from J Henry Lloyd to Mr. Marris dated 27 September 1957 about the amalgamation of the Ethical Union and 'the RPA' and setting out concerns reflected in the later memorandum.
13 pages; paper.
3 'The Memorandum'. This file contains:. - TS draft and TS copy of a memorandum 'To the Governors of the British Broadcasting Corporation';. - 3 TLS and 3 APS from HJ Blackham to Routledge and one TLS from Edmund Leach to Routledge about the BBC's management of the memorandum, signatories to the memorandum, and arrangements for a deputation to the BBC;. - TS 'Summary of points for the deputation to consider', including 'The School Broadcasting Council'.
22 pages; paper.
4 'Comments on the mem.m'. Letters to Routledge in response to his letter (not included) seeking support for the memorandum. Authors are:. '1. John (Honest to God) Robinson. 2. John Baillie (Tishop). 3. Lord Adrian. 4. Janet Vaughan. 5. Herbert Butterfield. 6. Michael Ramsay. 7. Charles Raven. 8. Nevill Coghill'.
8 letters; paper.
Jan 1958-Mar 1958
5 'Humanist Broadcasting Council'. Minutes and papers resulting from meetings of the Humanist Broadcasting Council, set up after the meeting with the BBC, to represent the Nationalist Press Association, the Ethical Union, and the National Secular Society. The file also contains two TS letters from HJ Blackham (secretary, Humanist Broadcasting Council).
10 items; paper.
4 Jun 1959–14 Oct 1963
6 'NAR talk (Eton College 24.1.79)'. MS and photocopy of an autobiographic speech [given by Routledge] at Eton College discussing mainly the 'attempt to get the BBC to put on an 'Alternative Assembly' for the benefit of the non-Christian part of the population of these islands.'.
2 items; paper.
24 Jan 1979

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