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KCHR Historical reference
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Historical reference

Title Historical reference
Reference GBR/0272/KC/KCHR
Covering Dates 1441–2014
Repository King's College Archive Centre, Cambridge
Content and context

The results of research conducted at the College or concerning Kingsmen; artifacts; documents granting rights and privileges to the College by non-sovereigns and held elsewhere.

Access and Use

Please cite as King's College Archive Centre, Cambridge, Historical reference, KCHR

Further information

For published or unpublished memoirs and other primary source material see KCAC/1/6 or the personal papers catalogues, particularly the small collections section (SC/).

King's/KC/KCHR contains:
1 College and University publications.
2 Published articles and booklets.
3 Unpublished writings and notes for talks. 1441–2014
4 Special events.
5 Artifacts.
6 Copied documents.
1 file and 6 items; paper.
7 This section has been recatalogued. KCHR/7/1 is now KCAC/1/6/unknown/1. KCHR/7/2 is now KCAC/1/6/unknown/2. KCHR/7/3 is now SC/Headlam. KCHR/7/4 is now KCAC/1/6/Bethell. KCHR/7/5 is now SC/Blunden. KCHR/7/6 is now KCAC/1/6/Reade.
8 This section has been recatalogued. KCHR/8/1 is now SC/Ross/2. KCHR/8/2 is now ACP/1/2. KCHR/8/3 is now HM/2. KCHR/8/4 is now KCAC/1/6/Sieveking. KCHR/8/5 is now KCAC/1/6/Wager. KCHR/8/6 is now KCAC/1/6/Playfair. KCHR/8/7 is now GS/8/1. KCHR/8/8 is now KCAC/1/6/Ikin/2. KCHR/8/9 is now KCAC/1/6/Magee. KCHR/8/10 is now KCHR/3/23. KCHR/8/11 is now SC/DixonM/1.
9 Copy memorial inscriptions.
4 sheets; paper.
10 War List 1914-1918. List of fallen members, choir school students and staff in World War I whose names are inscribed in the chapel.
1 booklet; paper.

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