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Title Widor Society
Reference KCAS/Widor Society
(former reference: KCAS/21)
Covering Dates 1936–1962
Content and context

The Widor Society was inaugurated in October 1936 with Robert Affleck, Tom A. Greeves and D.J. Behrens as officers. The object was 'to promote the knowledge and appreciation of the works of the composer Charles-Marie Jean Albert Widor (1844-1937), and to give publicity to his works, through the gramophone and by any other means.' Widor was a French organist and composer.

The papers comprise a minutes book for the early years, humorous material associated with the members of the Society, and more serious papers related to the official business of the society.

King's/KC/KCAS/Widor Society contains:
21/1 Minute book.
1 volume; paper.
21/2 Feilden papers. Administrative and lighthearted papers relating to the Widor Society, as collected by G.B.R. Feilden.
Creator: Feilden, Geoffrey Bertram Robert.
13 items in envelope; paper.
21/3 Behrens papers. Humorous correspondence, pastiches, plays and sketches relating to the Widor Society and its members as collected by D.J. Behrens.
Creator: Behrens, Derick Jacob.
1 envelope; paper.
21/4 Greeves papers. The file comprises:. - the original drawing by Greeves for the menu for the 25th anniversary Widor Society dinner in 1962, signed by all members present. - photocopy drawing by Greeves of 'if Gibbs had remodelled the Chapel', published in Basileon 1937. - spoof 'tunes for use during a meeting of a Society' . - programme for an organ recital in Chapel, 1 Aug 1937 including Widor pieces. - photocopy explanation by Mrs. Greeves of the above materials.
Creator: Greeves, Thomas Affleck.
5 sheets; paper.

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