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King's/KC/KCAR/8/1/2 contains:
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6 Fanvaulting
7 Floor
8 Furniture
9 Heating
10 Monuments, memorials, inscriptions and plaques
11 Organ and the screen
12 Pulpit
13 Side chapels
14 Stained glass and Chapel windows
15 Woodwork
16 Water and drainage
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Administrative records

Title Organ and the screen
Reference KCAR/8/1/2/11
Covering Dates 1857–2003
Extent and Medium paper
Content and context

For records relating to stalls see KCAR/8/1/2/8 and for other woodwork in the Chapel see KCAR/8/1/2/16.

King's/KC/KCAR/8/1/2/11 contains:
1 Photographs.
41 items; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/25 Correspondence for Chapel organ.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/62 Chapel organ. Correspondence with William Hill and Sons, reports of Dr Mann and C H Lloyd, minutes etc on proposed repairs.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/289 Estimates for work on Chapel Organ. Estimate and specification for the proposed tonal schemes and reconstruction of the organ by Wm. Hill and Son and Norman and Beard Ltd, London.
2 items in envelope; paper.
23 Nov. 1931–23 Dec. 1931
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/290 Estimates for work on Chapel Organ. Estimate and specification for proposed tonal schemes of Chapel organ by Harrison and Harrison, Durham.
3 items in envelope; paper.
23 Oct. 1931–24 May 1932
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/291 Maintenance of Chapel Organ. Correspondence relating to the repair and maintenance of the organ.
1 file; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/292 Specification for work on Chapel Organ. Specification for tonal schemes of Chapel Organ by Harrison and Harrison Ltd.
1 item in envelope; paper; Printed material.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/293 Estimate for work on Chapel Organ. Roneo typescript of estimate and specification for proposed repair of the Chapel organ by Harrison and Harrison, Durham.
1 item; paper.
20 Feb. 1967
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/294 'The Organs at King's College, Cambridge'. Photocopy of 'The Organs at King's College, Cambridge' by Andrew Freeman. Published in 'The Organ' (No. 31, January 1929).
1 item in envelope; paper.
Jan. 1929
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/295 List of published articles relating to the Chapel Organ. Roneo typescript list of articles relating to the Chapel organ published in 'The Organ' and 'The Choir' from 1922 to 1952.
2 sheets in envelope; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/354 Organ repairs. Typescript letter from Henry Freeland to the Dean, 23 December 1991, with preliminary plan for scaffolding and platform to enable repairs by SGB Technical Services, 18 December 1991.
4 sheets in envelope; paper.
18 Dec. 1991
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/596 'New Organ. Contract with Messrs Harrison and Harrison. 1932'. Correspondence concerning memorandums of agreement and a completion date for works on the Chapel organ. Includes the memorandum of agreement (24 May 1932) and the supplementary memorandum of agreement (19 Apr 1933) signed by J M Keynes (as Bursar) and Harrison and Harrison.
1 file; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/603 Re-opening of the Organ. Includes a programme for the special service for the re-opening held in the Chapel (8 Feb 1889), 3 tickets for the service, details of how to obtain tickets for the service, and 3 press cutting reporting on the special service.
1 file; paper.
Feb. 1889
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/604 'Report on the condition of the Organ by the Committee appointed by the Council of November 7th 1931'. 3 copies of the report including a manuscript draft.
1 file; paper.
Nov. 1931
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/605 Organ renovation. Includes a 'Report of the Council on the Organ' (23 Jan 1932), details of the appeal for the renovation of the organ (6 Dec 1932), a copy of the College's 1932 annual report where details of the proposed work on the organ can be found on pages 13-14.
1 file; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/606 Comments on specifications. Manuscript comments and drawings on the specification by Boris Ord, and lists of stops and pipes.
1 file; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/607 'New organ control platform'. Drawing of the platform and a photocopy of the plan.
1 file; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/608 Correspondence concerning the re-building of the organ in 1934.
4 files; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/609 Organ Specification by Harrison and Harrison. Photocopy of the organ specification and correspondence which include a bibliography of material written about the organ.
1 file; paper.
Jan. 1961-Feb. 1969
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/610 Organ Specification. Printed specification card with photographs of the pipes, screen and keyboard, draft of the introductory piece for the printed card, Harrison and Harrison's brochures on the organ (1933, 1934 and 1950, 1995), typescript list of the stops, couplers, tremulant, accessories and wind pressures.
1 file; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/611 Correspondence about overhauling the blowing plant. 1 typed letter signed from Harrison and Harrison Limited to Boris Ord enclosing a copy of a letter from Watkins and Watson Limited about the overhauling of the blowing plant and whether it can be postponed.
2 items; paper.
16 Aug. 1950–17 Aug. 1950
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/612 Correspondence concerning organ tuning and maintenance.
5 files; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/613 New Organ for the Chapel. Correspondence concerning the possibility of a new organ being built for the Chapel.
1 file; paper.
June 1988-May 1990
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/616 ?'Silbermann Organ Specification'. Manuscript notes.
1 file; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/617 'The Organ Case'. Extract from a draft of John Saltmarsh's book about the Chapel. Typescript.
1 file; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/618 Reproduction bureau organ. Correspondence concerning a new reproduction bureau organ and the loaning of the Chamber organ to Ely Cathedral.
1 file; paper.
Oct. 1970-Dec. 1972
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/619 Organ built or rebuilt by Harrison and Harrison. Printed literature.
1 file; paper.
EAD/GBR/0272/KC/KCAR/KCC/620 ?List of those who have worked on the organ. 1606-1933.
1 items; paper.

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