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King's/KC/KCAR/6/2 contains:
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004 Alphington, Devon
005 Amport, Hampshire
005A Ashford, Kent
006 Aspley, Bedfordshire
007 Aston, Hertfordshire
008 Atherstone, Warwickshire
009 Avon, Hampshire
010 Balons, Hertfordshire
011 Barnardiston, Suffolk
012 Barrington, Cambridgeshire
013 Barton, Cambridgeshire
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Administrative records

Title Atherstone, Warwickshire
Reference KCAR/6/2/008
Covering Dates 1161–1812
Extent and Medium 1/2 box
Content and context

Atherstone manor in Warwickshire was part of the estates in England owned by the Abbey of Bec, and as such was passed to King's College at the Foundation by King Henry VI in the 1440s. The land was later sold to the Carthusian priory of Mountgrace in Yorkshire in 1462, for which the College was compensated with an annual pension of £16 from 1505. Papers concerning the dispute between the College and the priory over the land are kept under KCAR/6/2/8/8 Legal Papers. In the sixteenth century the manor became the property of Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk who, as father of Lady Jane Grey, was executed by Mary I for High Treason.

Documents relating to College lands in Atherstone, Warwickshire. Includes ATH/1-/31.

Please note that the estate collection is continually receiving new material. Catalogues for estates which have had many additions made during the year will be re-published approximately annually, and the Archive Centre staff are always happy to conduct up-to-date computer searches for any estate. Please contact archivist@kings.cam.ac.uk with enquiries.

Further information

Further material may be found in the Bursar's subject files, KCAR/3/1/1/8, 9, 10 and 31.

Index Terms
King's/KC/KCAR/6/2/008 contains:
1 Court rolls.
3 files.
2 Manorial accounts.
7 files/items.
3 Early charters and deeds.
4 items.
4 Title deeds.
4 items.
5 Leases.
1 item.
6 Estate correspondence.
2 files.
7 Evidences.
1 item.
8 Legal papers.
8 files/items.
9 Other catalogues.
1 item.

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