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King's/KC/KCAC/1/1 contains:
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8 Dean's annual letter to accompany 'Diocesis Basilica'
9 Gate lists
9A Residents' Lists
10 'Catalogue of Provosts, Fellows and Scholars. Ant[hony Allen] (Abridged)'
10A 'Catalogue of Provosts, Fellows and Scholars. Mr Stevensen's Copy'
11 Copies of Thomas Hatcher's catalogue
12 Index to external sources
13 'Notes on individual members of the College'
14 Change of address slips
15 List of candidates for matriculation in October 1919 and list of Royal Naval Officers to be admitted
16 'List of gentlemen now in King's College'
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Academic and tutorial records

Title Copies of Thomas Hatcher's catalogue
Reference KCAC/1/1/11
Covering Dates 1441–1795 (The dates listed for each volume cover the dates of admission of the scholars; biographical notes extend beyond these dates.)
Extent and Medium 4 volumes; paper and leather
Content and context

MS copies, titled as variations on 'A catalogue of all the Provosts, Fellows and Scholars that have been placed and elected into the King's College of our blessed Lady and St. Nicholas of Cambridge, either by our most royal + holy founder King Henry the VI or have been since elected from his College of Eton near Windsor since the first foundation of them both in 1441. Together with their several preferments either in church or commonwealth, so far as could be found. First gathered by Mr Thomas Hatcher, Fellow of this College, in the year 1555 until the year 1562, and since continued by John Scott, Coroner of this College, until the year 1620.' An analysis of the hands is included in each volume.

Further information

The material in these volumes has a great deal of overlap with the material in the volumes catalogued under KCAC/1/1/10.

King's/KC/KCAC/1/1/11 contains:
1 John Hall's transcript. Includes 'A forme of a Resignation'. Colour representations of some coats of arms are included. From the back the book includes statutes of the University to 1517, the 1456 'Compositio' between the University and King's College, a list of donors to the College to the seventeenth century, a list of the College's possessions and income, a list of Foundation properties 'now be w[i]thholden & given to other places', the Provosts and Fellows of Eton to c. 1660, and a table of the Clerk of the Parliament's ordinary fees for such services as Fellows might require.
1 volume; paper.
2 John Burford's transcript.
1 volume; paper.
3 Berkeley Seymour's transcript. Colour representations of some coats of arms are included.
1 volume; paper.
4 Betham and Archer's transcript. Edward Betham (KC 1728) copied the first part of the book in 1732 for Archer who continued to add information, followed by G.C. Heath, to 1795. The Provosts and Fellows of Eton are listed to 1660.
1 volume; paper.

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