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Papers of Harold Spencer Jones

Title Correspondence on time signals
Reference RGO 9/627
(former reference: Z6C3)
Covering Dates 1955–1963
Extent and Medium 1 bundle
Content and context

Correspondence regarding time signals, including duration, frequency, times, coordination of signals, equipment adjustments, replies to queries regarding radio time signals, clocks and the publication of lists of signals, the discontinuation of vernier radio time signals, reception reports and maintenance. The papers include the following items:

Royal Greenwich Observatory circulars on solar activity, time signal adjustments and international time signals, 1955-1963.

Correspondence with the Admiralty regarding standards of frequency, atomic time signals and Universal Time, 1963.

Correspondence with the National Physical Laboratory concerning 'Standard Frequency Transmissions', 1963.

Correspondence with the Admiralty concerning the purchase of stable frequency oscillators, 1962.

Report from D.H. Sadler 'On the Proposal to Transmit Time Signals on an Atomic Time System', 1962.

Correspondence with the Department of Technical Cooperation and a report by the South-East Asia Treaty Organisation concerning the 'Development of Meteorology and Geophysics Establishment of a Continuous Time Signal Service at Karachi', 1962.

Correspondence with the Admiralty regarding the increase in the number of GBR time signal transmissions, 1961.

Memorandum by H.M. Smith on 'Radio Time Signals in HF Band' and a letter from P.N. Parker, 1961.

General correspondence with Le Chef du Service de l'Heure, Observatoire d'Alger; M.N. Stoyko, Observatoire de Paris; Professor M. Boella; Mr W. Bruce, Douglas, New Zealand; Dr Ortner, Bucharest Observatory; M.L. Arbey, Observatoire de Besançon; and Dr Fichera, as well as correspondence with the Admiralty regarding chronograph drive units, 1959-1961.

Correspondence with Mr Robbins, the Admiralty and H.J. Abraham regarding 'International Coordination of Time and Frequency Service', 1960.

Report on time and latitude work at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, 1957-1959, composed 1960.

Correspondence with the Stockholm Observatory concerning the definitions of UT, UT2 and UTO, 1959.

Correspondence with the Admiralty, the U.S. Naval Observatory, H.M. Smith and D.H. Sadler concerning the co-ordination of GBR/NBA time signals, 1960.

Correspondence with the Post Office and Dr von Klüber concerning the transmission of time signals in conjunction with observations of the solar eclipse of 2 October 1959.

General correspondence with the Kimna Geophysical Observatory; Dr V. Planelles; M.N. Stoyko; Admiralty; San Fernando Observatory; Observatory de l'IRSAC, Belgian Congo; Bureau International des Poids et Mesures; Dr A. Herrman; and Professor F. Zagar regarding time signal bulletins and reports, 1958.

Correspondence with the Helwan Observatory concerning the cessation of rhythmic radio time signals, 1958.

Correspondence with the B.B.C. regarding the 6 pips Time Signals, 1958.

Correspondence with the Deutsches Hydrographisches Institut concerning the source of radio time signal transmissions from Western Europe, 1958.

Correspondence regarding time signals from Canberra, 1958.

Reception report from New Zealand, 1958.

General correspondence with various observatories, including Paris and Belgium, as well as the National Bureau of Standards, U.S.A.; the Committee of Standards and Measures, Moscow; the U.S. Naval Observatory; and the Mount Stromlo Observatory, 1958.

Correspondence with the Admiralty on the discontinuation of rhythmic radio time signals, 1958.

Correspondence with the Royal Air Establishment, Wales, concerning satellite observations and on the use of M.S.F., 1958.

Correspondence with the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures concerning Droitwich 200 kc/S frequency, 1958.

Correspondence with various people regarding the removal of the Time Department from Abinger to Herstmonceux, 1957.

Correspondence with the Admiralty concerning a Mercer Tape Chronograph, 1957.

Correspondence on the control of radio time signals from Rugby Station, 1957.

Time Service Bulletins, 1956.

Correspondence between R. Atkinson and the B.B.C., 1957.

Correspondence between R. Atkinson and Rada Research, Malvern, concerning 'absolute' timing and triangulation, 1957.

Correspondence with Dr Essen of the National Physical Laboratory, the Post Office and H.M. Smith concerning controlled frequencies from the N.P.L. and Dollis Hill, 1957.

Time Service Bulletins, 1956-1957.

Correspondence between R. Atkinson and the National Maritime Museum concerning the old Greenwich Observatory, 1957.

Letter from M.N. Stoyko, with coordinates of the Criggion GB2 transmitter, 1957.

Correspondence with the Ministry of Defence regarding radio transmissions OLB from Prague, 1956.

Correspondence with the Surveyor of Lands concerning aerial masts at Abinger and Wotton Common, 1956.

Correspondence with R. Atkinson, H.M. Smith and the National Physical Observatory concerning correlating atomic and astronomical time, 1956.

Correspondence with I.B.M., U.K. Ltd, concerning clock installation and time signals for Cairo, 1956.

'Note on the Numerical Criterion of Clock Performance' by H.M. Smith and correspondence with M. Baillaud and Dr A. Scheibe, 1956.

Correspondence with the National Physical Laboratory concerning the temperature coefficient of the rates of Shortt Clocks, 1955.

Correspondence with W.H. Shortt concerning the temperature compensation of clocks, 1955.

Correspondence regarding a direct Herstmonceux-Greenwich General Post Office line, electrical transmission lines near Abinger, B.B.C. time signals and Independent Television Association time signals, 1955.

Delivery note for the Type 4363E Potentiometer, 1955.

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Index Terms
Atkinson, Robert d'Escourt (1898-1982) astronomer, physicist and inventor
Sadler, Donald Harry (1908-1987) astronomer
Post Office
Paris Observatory
United States Naval Observatory, Washington
British Broadcasting Corporation
National Physical Laboratory
Helwan Observatory, Egypt
Abinger Magnetic Observatory
Stockholm Observatory
Mount Stromlo Observatory, Australia
National Maritime Museum
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