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Papers of John Flamsteed

Title Papers of John Flamsteed
Reference GBR/0180/RGO 1
Creator Flamsteed, John
Covering Dates circa 1550-circa 1923
Extent and Medium 155 volumes, 8 folders, 4 boxes + 1 envelope; paper
Repository Royal Greenwich Observatory Archives
Content and context

John Flamsteed (1646-1719) was born at Denby, near Derby, on 19 August 1646. He attended the free school at Derby until the age of fifteen, but was unable to attend university at that time due to ill health. He turned instead to private study, and having developed an interest in astronomy began systematic astronomical observations. In 1670 he was admitted to Jesus College, Cambridge, where he made the acquaintance of Isaac Newton, and was awarded his M.A. (1674).

Flamsteed was asked to assist a committee examining astronomical methods of finding longitude at sea. Having argued the case for more accurate observations and a new star catalogue, he was appointed in 1675 to the new position of 'Astronomical Observator', known subsequently as the Astronomer Royal, in order to carry out this work. He took up permanent residence at the new observatory at Greenwich Park the following year, and began regular observations with the sextant in September. He employed a variety of assistants and calculators, and with the available instruments was able to improve on contemporary standards of accuracy in his tables and charts. The first volume of Flamsteed's catalogue and observations was published in 1707, but further publications were delayed while he worked on his star catalogue and papers. As a result of this delay, he became embroiled in a dispute with Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley, who published an imperfect edition of his later observations without his consent in 1712.

As Astronomer Royal, Flamsteed took part in the discussion of contemporary issues such as the detection of stellar parallax, refraction, cometary motion, the unequal motions of Sun, Moon and planets, and matters in mathematics and optics. He corresponded with many of the leading figures of the day, such as James Gregory, Edmond Halley, Johannes Hevelius and Giovanni Domenico Cassini, as well as with Newton, who used his observations in writing his 'Principia' (1687).

Flamsteed was ordained in 1675, and presented to the living of Burstow, in Surrey, in 1684. In 1677 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. He died at the Greenwich Observatory on 31 December 1719, and was buried at Burstow. The authorised version of his observations was eventually completed by his assistant Joseph Crosthwait, and published in 1725 as the three-volume 'Historia Coelestis Britannica'. The 'Atlas Coelestis' followed in 1729.

The collection comprises observations, calculations, catalogues, tables and notes of the day-to-day running of the Observatory; observations made prior to Flamsteed's appointment as Astronomer Royal; private and official correspondence; and miscellaneous lectures, memoirs, treatises and other manuscripts on various subjects by Flamsteed and other authors. The papers are principally in Flamsteed's hand, but also feature those of Joseph Crosthwait, James Hodgson and Abraham Sharp, among others. The text is mainly in English, but also includes Latin.

The largest component of the collection is Flamsteed's observations, which are preserved both in their original notebooks and in the form in which he eventually prepared them for publication in his 'Historiae Coelestis' and 'Atlas Coelestis'. There is also a substantial quantity of correspondence. Much of this relates to the dispute concerning the publication of his astronomical results. However, there are also letters and some documents concerning aspects of his life outside astronomy, including letters of instruction and reprimand to the curates of his parish of Burstow; correspondence with officials in Derby relating to his position as the inheritor of his father's lead mining interests; and letters from amateur astronomers asking for his help and sending him data.

Flamsteed's papers passed on his death to his wife, and possibly thereafter to his son-in-law, James Hodgson, who died intestate in 1755. The papers then passed into obscurity until 1771, when they were found at Islington by the surgeon John Belchier. The Board of Longitude purchased the papers from Mrs Elizabeth Tew, the widow of Hodgson's representative, and returned them to the Observatory. RCMS 72-76 were added to the collection subsequently.

During the 1830s, the collection was arranged and catalogued by the stockbroker and astronomer Francis Baily (1774-1844). Baily examined a rough catalogue of the papers that had been compiled in or soon after 1771, and concluded that while the overall composition of the collection had been retained since Flamsteed's death, the papers had become disordered through neglect. He undertook a reorganisation of the collection, giving prominence to the dispute connected with the Prince Consort's sponsorship of the publication of Flamsteed's stellar catalogue. He separated letters relating to this dispute from the bulk of Flamsteed's correspondence, and created a related series containing Flamsteed's correspondence with his friend and assistant Abraham Sharp. The remaining letters were arranged in alphabetical order of writer. The completed catalogue was published in 1835 as a prefix to Baily's 'Account of the Revd. John Flamsteed'. The modern catalogue essentially retains the order established by Baily, with the addition of the later accessions, RGO 1/72-76.

Access and Use

In English, Fre, Latin

Please cite as Royal Greenwich Observatory Archives, Papers of John Flamsteed, RGO 1

Further information

Flamsteed's letters are published in Forbes, Murdin and Willmoth, eds, 'The Correspondence of John Flamsteed, the First Astronomer Royal', 3 vols (Bristol, 1995-2002).

A word-processed handlist is available in the Manuscripts Reading Room. For further information see 'List of Royal Observatory Manuscripts, Part I - 1675-1881', available in the Manuscripts Reading Room, and Frances Willmoth, 'A Summary Catalogue of Flamsteed's Papers in the Royal Greenwich Observatory Archives', in Frances Willmoth, ed., 'Flamsteed's Stars: New Perspectives on the First Astronomer Royal (1646-1719)' (Woodbridge, 1997), a copy of which is kept with the handlist. Indexed

This description was created by Robert Steiner, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives with reference to the catalogue prepared by Frances Willmoth. The biographical history was compiled with reference to the entry on John Flamsteed in Leslie Stephen and Sidney Lee, eds, 'Dictionary of National Biography', Vol. VII (London, 1908), pp. 241-248. It was emended in January 2009 by Zoe A. Rees.

RGO 36/1 contains microfilms of the whole of this series. Consult the hard copy catalogue of this series (available in the Manuscripts Reading Room) to obtain the classmark in use at the time of filming.

Index Terms
Flamsteed, John (1646-1719) astronomer
Baily, Francis (1774-1844) stockbroker and astronomer
RGO Archives/RGO 1 contains:
1 First notes of sextant observations. 'Minutes, or first notes of Observations': notes of observations made chiefly with the sextant, April 1676 - 30 October 1679, in Flamsteed's and other hands, 227 folios. The volume includes notes on the alignment of Observatory buildings (2v), the well-telescope (181r), and clocks (216v-217r, 222r-224v). There is also a letter-extract about a transit of Mercury (1677).
1 volume.
2 First notes of sextant observations. First notes of observations made chiefly with the sextant, November 1679 -15 February 1684, with a note from 1716, in Flamsteed's and other hands, 196 folios. The volume includes notes on tides (178v-180r), accounts of Observatory expenditure (185v-187v, 190v), and bearings of landmarks (191v ff).
1 volume.
3 First notes of sextant observations. 'Libri Tertii observationum pars prior' ('First part of the third book of observations'): first notes of observations made chiefly with the sextant, 19 February 1684 - 3 September 1689, with added notes to 1706 and from 1715, in Flamsteed's and other hands, 77 folios. The volume includes collected eclipse data (17v), a sketch portrait (22v), and notes about national events (25v, 63r, 67r, 70v).
1 volume.
1684-circa 1715
4 First notes of mural arc observations. 'Fixarum planetarumque observationes Arcu Murali' ('Observations of the fixed stars and of the planets with the Mural Arc'), 10 September 1689 - 17 January 1691, with a note dated 5 November 1712, 115 folios. The writing is mainly in Abraham Sharp's hand, but those of Flamsteed and another author also appear. The volume includes notes on the pole star, errors of the mural arc (95v-97r), tables of Jupiter (98r-102r), notes on the tides (111v), and sketch portraits (3v, 81v, 113v).
1 volume.
5 First notes of mural arc observations. 'Diarium Observationum Coelestium' ('Journal of observations of the heavens'): first notes of observations with the mural arc, 17 January 1691 - 14 January 1694, in Flamsteed's and other hands, 161 folios. The volume includes tables of errors of the mural arc (4v, 148v, 153r-156r) and a note about Flamsteed's marriage (105v).
1 volume.
6 First notes of mural arc observations. 'Diarium Observationum Astronomicarum Coelestium' ('Journal of astronomical observations of the heavens'): first notes of observations with the mural arc, 18 January 1694 - 16 March 1698, mainly in the hands of the assistants Samuel Clowes and James Hodgson, though Flamsteed's also appears, 180 folios. There are entries noting visits by Peter the Great (160r, 164v) and other national and personal events (e.g. 24r, 39r, 176r). Inside the back cover is a signed statement by Isaac Newton.
1 volume.
7 First notes of mural arc observations. 'Diarium Observationum Coelestium' ('Journal of observations of the heavens'): first notes of observations with the mural arc, 18 March 1698 - 17 November 1702, with notes to 7 June 1708, mainly in Hodgson's hand, although Flamsteed and Thomas Weston's also appear, 187 folios. The volume includes notes about early letters (2v) and on magnetic variation (47v-48r), and tables of errors of the mural arc (180v-182v).
1 volume.
8 First notes of mural arc observations. First notes of observations with the mural arc, 2 January 1712 - 27 December 1719, in the hands of Joseph Crosthwait and Flamsteed, 191 folios. The volume includes data from William Derham, Stephen Gray, and Matthew Wright (5r, 14v, 43r), notes relating to engraving and printing (182r-188r), and accounts of the aurora borealis (40r, 186v).
1 volume.
9 Correspondence and early observations. 'Excerpta Astronomica ex Epistolis D. Gulielmi Gascoignii ad D. Gulielmum Crabtreum et huius Responsis' ('Astronomical excerpts from the letters of William Gascoigne to William Crabtree and his replies'), December 1638 - 22 June 1642 (3r-6r); and Flamsteed's 'Mensuras Diametrorum Solis et Lunae ... aliasque ... observationes' ('Measurements of the diameters of the Sun and Moon ... and other ... observations'), a chronological synopsis, 22 June 1666 - 25 November 1676; 68 folios. The second piece includes 'Observationes Derbienses ... Ab Anno 1671 ad 1674' (8r-25v), and 'Observationes Britannicae Regiae', comprising 'Observationes Coelestes Londini Habitae in Arce Londinensi Aedibus Jonae Moore ... 1675' ('...made at the Tower of London on the premises of Jonas Moore') (30r-33r), and '...Greenovici habitae' ('...made at Greenwich') (34v-66v). The writing throughout is in Flamsteed's hand.
1 volume.
circa 1677
10 Observations at Derby, London and Greenwich. A compilation of observations drawn up in 1671-1676, in Flamsteed's hand, 46 folios: 'Johannis Flamsteedii Derbiensis', observations made at Derby, 1666-1671, incomplete (1r-7r); 'Observations of the circumjovialls' (Jupiter's satellites), 1671-1674 (8r-23r); 'Coelestiall observations taken at the Tower with the Instruments ... of Sir Jonas Moore', April-July 1675 (24r-26r), and 'At Greenwich in the Queenes House', September 1675 - April 76 (27r- 36r); 'Adversiones pro lunae facturae delineanda' ('Notes made for delineating the moon'), 1675 (36v-37r); and further observations to November 1676 (from 37v). There are also related notes, including a summary of a letter from Edmond Halley (40r).
1 volume.
11 Observations at Greenwich. A compilation of observations made at Greenwich with the sextant and other instruments, July 1676 - December 1677, in Flamsteed's hand, 74 folios: 'Observationes ... Britannicae Regiae Annorum 1676 et 1677' (2r-16r), including observations of sun-spots; and 'Observationes Coelestes Sextante habitae' ('Observations ... made with the sextant'), including work on a comet, the Pole Star, planets, moon and Jupiter's satellites (29r-59v). There are also charts of zodiacal constellations (60r-72r).
1 volume.
circa 1678
12 Compilation of observations. An untitled collection of observations made between June 1666 and January 1678, in the hands of Flamsteed and Thomas Smith, 128 folios. The volume includes work on the Pleiades (5r-7r), lunar and solar diameters (9r-25v), sunspots (29r-36r), stars (including the Pole Star) and planets (39r-98v), the Moon (104r-118r, 124r), and a comet (122rv).
1 volume.
circa 1679
13 Compilation of observations. An undated compilation of observations made between October 1671 and November 1676, in Flamsteed's hand, 59 folios. The volume includes observations of solar and lunar diameters (6r-12r), and of the Pleiades (14r-16r); observations made at the Tower, April-July 1675 (17r-21r), and at the Queen's House, Greenwich, September-December 1675 and March-November 1676 (20v-24v, 33r-52r); and 'Maculae sub Sole obser-vatae Historia' ('An account of sunspots observed', 53v-57r). There are also notes referring to letters from Towneley, Hevelius, Cassini and Halley (40r-44v).
1 volume.
circa 1677
14 Compilation of observations. An undated compilation of observations made between January 1679 and December 1680, with solar and planetary tables, 24-30 March 1710, and calculations dating mainly from July 1713, 82 folios. The volume includes lunar observations (1r-27v) and a reference to a visit by Ole Rømer (6r). The writing is mostly in Flamsteed's hand, and the tables in that of Joseph Crosthwait.
1 volume.
circa 1681–1713
15 Mural arc observations. 'Apographa' ('Exact copies'), first part: an undated copy of observations made between 12 September 1689 and 19 December 1693, with notes up to c. 1716, in the hands of Flamsteed others, 175 folios. The volume includes notes on the Pole Star, instrumental errors and comparison of micrometers (1r, 126v, 153-156v); 'Animadvertenda', on the mural arc (102r-103v); observations made by Jean de Fontaney in China (151v); an extract from Dr Thomas Plume's will (157v-158r); and a 'list of my pupills Names and Employments', covering 1676-1709 (165v-166v).
1 volume.
circa 1694-circa 1716
16 Mural arc observations. 'Apographa' ('Exact copies'), second part: 'Observationes Coelestes' made between January 1694 and December 1703, with collected data from various sources and notes up to at least 1709, 185 folios. The volume includes work on instrument errors (2v-3r, 23r); observations of Mars compared with the Rudolphine Tables (172v-173r); and Flamsteed's 'Account of my Ancestors' (185v). The writing is mainly in James Hodgson's hand, but that of Thomas Weston also appears.
1 volume.
circa 1703-circa 1709
17 Mural arc observations. 'Apographa' ('Exact copies'), third part: 'Observationes Britan-nicae Regiae' made between January 1704 and November 1715, mainly in Joseph Crosthwait's hand, 131 folios. The volume includes biographical notes (front board to 2r), and eclipse and other data obtained from Stephen Gray, Abraham Sharp and William Derham (passim).
1 volume.
circa 1716
18 Sextant observations. An undated compilation of observations made between September 1676 and October 1680, mostly in Flamsteed's hand, 90 folios. The volume includes observations of zodiac constellations (9r-33r); the Moon (33v-46v); other fixed stars, planets and Jupiter's satellites (6r-8v, 47r-89v); and a comet (87v-88r). There is also the Greenwich Observatory's horoscope and ground plan (2v and 3r), including bearings of landmarks (3v); and work on refractions (68v, 70r-73).
1 volume.
circa 1681
19 Sextant observations. An undated compilation of observations made between September 1676 and February 1681, in Flamsteed's hand, 113 folios. The volume includes observations of stars in zodiacal (5r-44r) and other constellations (45r-82v), and of comets, 1677-1681 (83v-85v), and planets (87r-108v). There is also a diagram of the sextant (4rv), a letter from Thomas Hill (86r), and a note on parallax (96r).
1 volume.
circa 1782
20 Lunar observations and star catalogues. A compilation of lunar observations, with star catalogues, mainly in Flamsteed's hand, 184 folios. The volume includes 'Lunae Observationes Britannicae Regiae' ('Lunar Observations of the British Realm') made between May 1675 and September 1689, with data from various sources and analytical notes (3r-94r); 'Claudii Ptolemei ... Fixarum Catalogus' (Ptolemy's catalogue of the fixed stars), translated into Latin and compared with other catalogues by Flamsteed, 1702 (105r-128r); calculations (129r-156v); and 'Fixarum Catalogus Hevelianus, ad Annum ... 1660' (Hevelius's catalogue of the fixed stars to the year ... 1660'), reduced to a better form by Thomas Weston, and with Johannes Bayer's letters added (160v-176v).
1 volume.
circa 1690-circa 1702
21 Stellar observations. An undated and unfinished compilation of observations, primarily stellar, made between June 1678 and June 1691, in Flamsteed's and several other hands, 122 folios. The volume includes 'Observationes Fixarum' ('Observations of the fixed stars'), often fragmentary (4r-5r, 8r-99r); 'Observationes Refractionum' ('Observations of refractions'), with a table (106v-112v, 116v); and 'Distantiae Merdianae' ('Meridional distances') of stars, taken with the sextant (111v-116r).
1 volume.
circa 1692
22 Planetary observations. An undated collection of observations, mostly planetary, made with the sextant between July 1676 and September 1689, with an additional synopsis for each planet covering 1582-1714; in Flamsteed's and other hands; 186 folios. The volume includes notes on comets of 1682-1683 (104v-108r); a copy of Tycho's star catalogue (109r-119r); a copy of Lawrence Rooke's observations of Jupiter's satellites (124r-127v), with Flamsteed's own for 1677-1689 (136v-144v); sunspots, 1676-1684 (155v-161v); and a synopsis of fixed stars observed during 1676-1689.
1 volume.
circa 1690
23 Mural arc stellar observations. 'Zodiacus Britannicus', a compilation concerning the fixed stars, including a copy of observations made with the mural arc between November 1689 and April 1704, with related calculations and deduced places, 226 folios. Zodiacal constellations appear first (4v-87v), followed by others, often incomplete (88r-221v), and a table of the equation of time (224r). The volume was compiled by Flamsteed and John Hodgson, probably during 1695-1701, with additions up to 1719.
1 volume.
circa 1695–1719
24 Stellar observations and deduced data. 'Fixarum Culminationes et Meridiane a vertice distantiae (cum declinationibus inde deductis) e protocollo Observationum primum in libellum minorem collectae deinceps in hunc transcriptae' ('The culminations and meridional zenith distances of the fixed stars (with declinations deduced from thence) first collected from observing-notes into a smaller book and then transcribed into this'): data from observations of 1689 onwards, copied mainly in 1691, 1703 and later, 91 folios. There are later additions, running up to 1711, which also include instructions for constructing sundials (78v-80r) and correspondence with John Caswell, 1709 (63r, 64r). The writing is mainly in Flamsteed's hand. Francis Baily identified the volume as Flamsteed's 'liber niger' ('the black book').
1 volume.
circa 1691–1711
25 Star catalogues. Catalogues of the fixed stars and related material, in the hands of Flamsteed and James Hodgson, 171 folios. The front board is dated 1694, and the main sections were compiled in 1699, 1709 and 1696-1697, with an added note dated November 1712. The volume includes a copy of Flamsteed's 1686 catalogue of 130 principal fixed stars (129v-130v).
1 volume.
circa 1694–1712
26 Observation notebooks.
6 volumes.
circa 1686–1714
27 Stellar observation papers.
3 volumes + 1 envelope.
circa 1717-circa 1719
28 Star, planetary and lunar catalogues. A copy of star catalogues by Ulug Beigh, Tycho, William of Hesse and Johann Hevelius (3r-22v), with Flamsteed's own tables of the planets (33r-40r), and of the Moon (40r-46v), 48 folios. The volume is undated, but there is reference to observations made by Flamsteed between January 1690 and August 1719. The writing is in various hands, with some alterations by Flamsteed.
1 volume.
circa 1720
29 Zodiacal star catalogues.
3 volumes.
1699-Oct. 1702
30 Star catalogues. Copies of star catalogues: 'Claudi Ptolemai Regularis dispositio Constellationum...' ('Claudius Ptolemy's regular disposition of constellations or catalogue of fixed stars, translated from Greek into Latin, amended ... by comparison with an Oxford manuscript and with the versions of Trapezuntius, Gauricus, Copernicus and Clavius, and also with the catalogue of Ulug Beigh, of Tycho Brahe, and the heavens themselves. The work of John Flamsteed, M. R. With the additional Greek and Roman characters that can be ascribed to the stars (in Johannes Bayer's images); with longitudes reduced to the year 1690') (3r-14v); Hevelius's star catalogue (15r-31v); Flamsteed's 1686 catalogue of 130 principal stars (32r-33r); and Flamsteed's places of the Moon and planets computed from sextant and mural arc observations by John Witty, Abraham Riley (Ryley), Isaac Wolferman and Joseph Crosthwait (35r-59v); 71 folios.
1 volume.
Oct. 1703-Aug. 1719
31 Fixarum Catalogus Britannicus. A section of the unauthorised 1712 printed star catalogue 'Fixarum Catalogus Britannicus' (5r-31v), interleaved with manuscript amendments and corrections (some probably in Flamsteed's hand), added in or after 1715; 39 folios. At the end are manuscript charts of constellations (fos 35-40).
1 volume.
32 Autobiographical and related writing.
4 volumes.
33 Letter book A. Accounts and other records of a Derbyshire lead-mining concern, March 1674 - January 1688 (4v-97r, 216r-221r, 225v-236v), written in Steven Flamsteed's hand, and featuring his signature and that of Cornelius Vermuyden. The book was used subsequently by John Flamsteed for copies, written in various hands, of letters dating from 10 July 1688 onwards, chiefly January 1698 - 25 April 1719. There are notes about negotiations over the publication of Flamsteed's works (passim between 121r and 132r, plus 142r-143r, 148v-150r, 209v-211r); 'An Account of the Observatory', 1708 (162v-163v); 'Notes to my State of the Observatory' (176r-177v); a pupil's bill (178v-179r); and work on refractions (189v-192r). There are 238 folios in total. The correspondents are Luke Leigh; Thomas Bagshaw, Bakewell; [John] Colson, London; Mr Stileman, Burstow; William Bossley, Bakewell; James Pounds, China; Mrs Symonds, Clapham; Sir Simon Degg, Derby; John Gisborne, Derby; Thomas Perkins, London; the Revd John Smith, Gate Burton, Lincolnshire; Sir John Worden; Captain Jevell, Copenhagen; John Caswell; George Clark, Secretary to Prince George of Denmark; Isaac Newton; Abraham Sharp; James Hodgson; William Whiston; Secretary H. St John; George Young; [Dr] John Arbuthnot; Henry Chart, Burstow; Sir Christopher Wren; Dr [John] Wallis; Mr Sheppey, Burstow; Leibnitz (through the Royal Society); John Lowthorp; Thomas Sherlock; John Richards, Nottingham; Edmund Greenbury, Beverley; the Revd [John] Harris; George Kent, Derbyshire; A[wnsham]; and J[ohn] Churchill.
1 volume.
34 Correspondence with Abraham Sharp. A guardbook of letters from the former Greenwich assistant Abraham Sharp (who initiated the correspondence) to Flamsteed, with some of the originally enclosed astronomical and mathematical notes, 162 folios. The letters are chiefly on the rectos, with the direction and note of receipt, contents and numbering by Flamsteed on the versos. The surviving series is substantially complete. Subjects discussed include mathematical and astronomical books, astronomical calculations, the aurora borealis, other observations, instruments, and the printing of Flamsteed's works.
1 volume.
Feb. 1702-Dec. 1719
35 Guardbook on Flamsteed's works. Correspondence and other items from a guardbook regarding the printing of Flamsteed's works, 98 folios. The papers include letters from the 'Referees' and drafts of Flamsteed's replies; an 'Estimate of the Expence of Printing the Historia Coelestis' (19r); 'Articles for Printing' (34r-39r); a draft agreement (43r); and draft petitions to the Queen (49r-50r, 66r). There are also related statements by Flamsteed concerning his personal history, including drafts of his 'Account of the Obser-vatory' (13a-15b); 'The State of the Observatory' (16r-17v); a 'Short note of dates for my Works' (78r-79r); copies of orders relating to the Observatory's foundation (80r-81v, 98r); a 'Begining of a breife History of the Observatory' (82r-84v); and related memoranda (86r, 87r, 97r). There are pencil notes by Baily throughout. The correspondents include Isaac Newton, John Caswell, Sir Christopher Wren, [Dr] John Arbuthnot, Edmond Halley, Richard Waller (for the Royal Society), Lowthorp, J[ohn] Machin (for the Royal Society), Abraham Sharp and Hans Sloane.
2 boxes.
1692-circa 1717
36 Correspondence and related papers. A guardbook of letters received by Flamsteed, with some drafts of replies and some copies of both, 163 folios. The correspondents are mainly in the English provinces, although some write from abroad, and there are also original letters from Flamsteed to Sir Jonas Moore. The letters date primarily from 1671 to 1719, but a few are either undated or possibly earlier. Apart from those to Moore, most of the letters are of the eighteenth century. Many of the sheets have rough arithmetical notes on the dorse in Flamsteed's hand. The contents include a copy of an extract from J. Remoquietanus' observations of a transit of Mercury, 1631 (2r); a letter from Johann Hevelius to the University of Cambridge, 1679 (4r); a copy of a certificate from the Académie Royale des Sciences, Paris, 1699 (8r); a letter from Marin Mersenne to Theodore Haak [1640s] (16r); 'Instructions for the Master of the Mathematicall Schole' [at Christ's Hospital] (40r-41r); an account of the early history of astronomy (66r-67r); 'Mr Gregorys notes of errors in my copy of observations 1st volume' (75rv); a printed prospectus for the 'Atlas Coelestis', 25 October 1725 (100r); and Samuel Clowes' commission as surveyor of New York, 1700-1701 (118rv). The correspondents include Seth Ward; Cassini; J. Chardellou; G.G. Leibnitz, Volfsbourg; Solomon Penny; J[osiah] Burchett, Admiralty; Sir David Michell, the Ordnance Office (mostly on longitude matters); James Gregory; Sir Jonas Moore; Edmond Halley; Andrew Glen; Captain Jevell (or Jewell); James Pound, cousin of John Flamsteed; Captain [Henry] Stanyan; Henry Thomas (a naval lieutenant); George Young; Abraham Sharp; Dr Th. Hill, Peterborough; Stephen Thornton, Kent; Matthew Wright, Crewe; Samuel Molyneux; Jack Bookey, Burstow; William Bossley; Luke Leigh; Thomas Brattle, New England; William Burtsal, Bungay; John Caswell; H[enry] Cressener; Derrick Dobler; William Derham; William Ella; and N. Fatio [de Duillier].
1 volume.
circa 1671–1725
37 Guardbook of letters. The contents of a guardbook of letters received by Flamsteed, 162 folios. The dorses have often been used by Flamsteed for rough calculations. The correspondents include several people connected with Flamsteed's living of Burstow or with other property. The volume includes a printed notice advertising William Whiston's experiment to find the speed of light and sound (150r). The correspondents are Stephen Gray; [Dr] John Arbuthnot; 'E.B.' [probably to Mrs Flamsteed, telling the story of a ghost seen by Mrs Bargrave]; John Gisborne, Derby (senior and junior?); H. Greatorex, Derbyshire; Richard Tomkinson, Derbyshire and Staffordshire; William Hawkins; Isaac Hawkins, Nottinghamshire; Dr Th. Hill, Peterborough; Henry Jacob; [Dr] White Kennett, Lowthorp; Sir Jonas Moore; Samuel Molyneux; the Earl of Orkney; James Pound; Francis Peck, Burstow; Mat[thew] Randall, Chichester; Captain Henry Stanyan (including letters to Mrs Flamsteed); Robert Stafford; Thomas Smith; Samuel Spateman; John Smith, tenant, Staffordshire; Stephen Thornton, Kent; Francis Thompson, London; Lieutenant Henry Thomas; Richard Waller (for the Royal Society); Matthew Wright; R. Walsh; John Witty; William [Lloyd, Bishop of] Worcester; and George Young.
1 box.
Mar. 1674-Mar. 1719
38 Gresham College lectures. Thirty-nine lectures delivered by Flamsteed as deputy to Dr Walter Pope, Gresham Professor of Astronomy, between 27 April 1681 and November 1684, with one undated lecture, 354 folios. There is a manuscript contents list giving lecture numbers and Flamsteed's pagination. The book has been trimmed in such a way that some words are missing from the lower edges of the folios.
1 volume.
39 Treatises on the Earth's motion and the stars. 'De Sole 1694 et Fixis 1695' ('Of the Sun 1694 and Fixed Stars 1695'), drafts of several treatises on the Earth's motion and work on the fixed stars, with other notes and calculations of a chiefly planetary nature. The writing is principally in Flamsteed's hand, and is mainly on the rectos, with additional notes on the versos. The volume contains 'The Inequalitys of the Earths Motion inquired and determined by J. F. from his own observations', 1694 (4v-35r); 'Caelum Britannicum. The Restitution of the places of the fixed stars' (41r-54r); two drafts of letters to Newton discussing the errors of the mural arc and evidence for stellar parallax, 1699 and 1700 (57r-86v), with tables of the arc's errors (166v-167r); notes on Mars, 1701 (87v-93v); notes on atmospheric refraction, with observations of Venus, 1710-1711 (95r-96r); calculations relating to Saturn, 1710 (148v-151r); and unfinished tables of latitudes (152v-164r). There is also a recipe for ink inside the back cover.
1 volume.
40 Mathematical treatises and calculations. 'Miscellanea Mathematica authore J. F.', a collection of mathematical treatises and calculations, 184 folios: observations by Hevelius, Galileo and Towneley, copied in 1671 (4r-7r); a draft treatise, 1672, discussing extracts from the letters of William Crabtree and William Gascoigne of 1640-1642 (9v-22r), with biographical information about them (22r); collected observations of Jupiter's satellites, with an excerpt on the comet of 1681 (22v-24r); observations made by Richard Towneley during 1665-1672 (24v-40v); a draft of 'A preface to my coelestiall observations' [1674] (41r-43v), with copied observations of 1666-1674 (43r-57v); copies of warrants and orders relating to the Greenwich Observatory, 1674-1675 and 1694 (60r-62v), and a related letter, 1703 (73v); 'Observationes distantiarum ... Anno 1678 ab J F' ('Observations of the distances of certain important fixed stars from the vertex'), covering 1678-1680 (63v-73r); 'Observations of the star of Jove ... by John F' and of Mars, 1672 (97v-104r); solar and lunar tables by Henry Jacobs, copied 1703 (105v-106v); similar tables and planetary tables, the latter of 1705 (109v-119v); and sextant observations of the Moon's distance from fixed stars, 1676-1679, copied 1705. Most of the items are in Flamsteed's hand.
1 volume.
41 Commonplace book. An untitled compilation of notes and other papers on a range of subjects, 192 folios. The earlier part of the book is in Flamsteed's hand, but the hands of assistants and unidentified pupils appear with increasing frequency thereafter. There is a two-part contents page by Flamsteed. The volume includes various observations: of solar altitude, made in New England [by Thomas Brattle] (21rv); of an occultation and lunar eclipse by Johann Hevelius, 1681-1682 (22r, 28v-30v); of comets, 1680-1681, seen by Brattle in New England, and by Henry Greenhill in South Africa (22v-23r, 26v-28r); of comets, 1682-1683, seen at Nuremberg by G.J. Eimmart, and in South Africa (49r-50v, 62rv); and of Jupiter's satellites, including those obtained by Edmond Halley from J.D. Cassini (25rv, 42r). . There are also extracts from the journals of voyages: Captain William Alleys, 1665-1681, Francis Nelly, and Captain Wood, 1670 (32v-41v); Captain William Minors, 1641-1644 (55v-61r); Captain Charles Swan, 1683-1684 (103v-104r); Lieutenant [Edward] Harrison, including his voyage with Halley, 1698-1699 and 1688 (125v-127v); and Deliverance Cotterell, 1684-1686 (126v-127r). The remaining material comprises 'Acta Astronomica Grenovisano 1679' (3r-7r); work on ballistics (7r-10r, 12v-14v, 24rv, 89r, 105v-106r), with a paper by Sigismond Albergetty, c. 1700 (113v-117v); mathematical notes, especially from correspondence with John Caswell, passim; a table of times of Mars's opposition to the Sun (12r); work on atmospheric refraction, including 'Monsieur Picarts table ... imparted by Monsieur Auzout', 1682 (15v, 31r, 53v-55r); work on tides (43v-44r, 94rv, 129v-130v); comparisons of weights and measures (51r, 83r-85v); observations of an occultation by Gottfried Scultz, 1682 (53r); notes on the ancient obliquity of the ecliptic (63r-64v); a copy of 'Lord Keeper North's paper' on the effects of gravity, 1684 (66v-71v); lists of Ordnance stores, 1685 and 1695 (72v and inside the front cover); observations from the Jesuits' 'voyage de Syam' (73rv); collected notes on longitudes and latitudes (74r-78r, 86r, 131r-132v); an account of experiments to find the speed of sound, 1687 (78v-79r); collected lunar eclipse observations, 1674-1679, including those by Lawrence Rooke, 1653-1657 (108v, 169r); biographical 'Notes from my old Almanacks', 1671-1676 (109r); a 'Tractatulum' on planetary diameters, with appendices on Saturn's ring and Jupiter's satellites (118v-123v); a copy of a letter from Lowthorp on transmitting light through a vacuum, 1699 (124v-125r); a French treatise on magnetic variation (128rv); a copy of an extract of a letter from Abraham Sharp, 1703, with an enclosure on the aurora borealis (141v-142r); a draft of 'A Restitution and Rectification of the Earths Motion and places of the fixed stars', 1685 (159v-167v); stellar tables, with notes and rough calculations (169v-190v); and the dates and times of birth of Halley, Hevelius, Nicholas Cook and Richard Mageiras (192r).
1 volume.
42 Lunar calculations and letters. A commonplace book of lunar calculations, c. 1684 (85r-182v, with a guide at 183v-184r); copy letters, 1679-1700; and notes; 193 folios. The writing is in Flamsteed's hand, with the exception of the letters, which are copied in various hands, but sometimes bear Flamsteed's corrections. The letters are comprised of correspondence with Johann Hevelius, 1679-1685; letters from Edmond Halley, 1679; correspondence with Olaus Römer, 1679; letters to Seth Ward, 1679; letters to Edward Sherburne on the history of the Greenwich Observatory, 1682; correspondence with J.D. Cassini, 1682-1683; letters to Johann Jacob Zimmermann, 1682-1683; letters to William Molyneux, 1682-1691; letters to P. Carolo Balsamo, 1684; letters from Thomas Heathcott, 1683; letters to J. Ciampini, 1684, with his letters to Croone; letters to 'Micaelus Weihelius', 1684; letters from Franciscus Blanchinus [Bianchini], 1685; letters to Gottfried Kirch, 1686-1691; letters to Bernardus Trevisanus, 1686; letters from George Ashe at Vienna, 1690; letters to Isaac Newton, 1692-1694; a draft to [Glen] about earthquakes, 1692; letters to Caswell on the parallax of the pole star, 1698; and a draft letter to Lowthorp, 1699. The volume also includes mathematical notes from one of Newton's lectures, 1674 (1v); 'Phaenomenon 1m Geocosmicum' and '...2m Selenographicum', about a Mainz earthquake, by M[ichael] W[eihel], 1682 (30r-31v); accounts 'of the Monsoon at Metchlepatan' and of a thunderstorm at sea (37r-38v); a copy of observations by G.C. Eimmart of Nuremberg, 1691 (59v-60r); Thomas Burnet's reply to criticisms of a paper on the planets, with notes on this and on his Telluris Theoria Sacra, 1693 (77r-78r); notes on icebergs, mostly from 'Mr Halley's letter to the Secretary to the Admiralty', 1700 (84r); a 'Table of latitudes ... collected from Riccioli and others' (84v); a list of 'Bookes in my Library' (186v-191r); notes of personal expenses, 1683 (192v-193r); and a note on tides at Greenwich, 1681 (193v).
1 volume.
43 Letter book. An untitled volume of copies of Flamsteed's correspondence, February 1676 - February 1679 and March 1712, with some undated letters and Flamsteed's notes, 81 folios. Some of the copy letters are in Flamsteed's hand, but most are by amanuenses. . The correspondents include (through Henry Oldenburg) J.D. Cassini, 1676-1679; Johann Hevelius, 1676-1678; Ismael Bullialdus [Boulliau], 1676; Edmond Halley; Charles Boucher (including a description to Halley of his voyage to Jamaica); Richard Towneley, 1677; and James Gregory, 1673. There are also copies of letters from Flamsteed to Sir Jonas Moore, 1678; a draft entitled 'Lectori Astronomiae Studioso' (4rv); a list of 'Bookes in my owne Library in the Closet', 1677 (24v-28v); a Hebrew alphabet with related notes (29v-31r); accounts by a curate at Burstow, 1711 (60v-62r); a translated extract from the 'Journal de Sçavans', 1677 (66r-67r); an extract from a letter by Johannes Remoquietanus describing a transit of Mercury, 1631, with a similar account by Hevelius, 1665 (67v-69v); Richard Towneley's description of his micrometer, in Latin (72r-73r); and 'E reformatis meis tabulis Eclipsum Calculi' ('Calculations of eclipses from my reworked tables'), 1675-1676 (76r-78r).
1 volume.
circa 1676-circa 1712
44 Draft treatises and notes. A commonplace book of draft treatises and notes on solar theory, optics and other subjects, in Flamsteed's hand, dated December 1674 to September 1691, but possibly later, 136 folios: 'De motu Solis correcto: Lectura 1a' (1r-13r); 'Meditatio de Methodo percommoda inaequalitates orbitae solaris investigandi' ('Meditation on a most useful method of determining the inequalities of the solar orbit'), unfinished (17r-18r); drafts 'Of Rayes of light transmitted', '...reflected' and '... refracted' (21v-44r, 55r-61r); a copy of an extract of a letter to Richard Wroe about finding the date of Easter, 1675 (45r-46r); and 'Inquiries Concerneing the ... Longitude' (48r-53r). The notes include definitions of astronomical terms (105v-110r); observations of Jupiter by Johann Hevelius, 1675-1688 (116r-118r); notes relating to Burstow, including a list of books sent down there, 1685 (119v-122r); notes on Thames tides (124r-125v); rough calculations (127v-136r); Biblical quotations; and payments to a woman for her clothes (136v).
1 volume.
1674-circa 1691
45 Notes on solar and lunar data. 'Liber observationum', also marked on the back cover 'Liber Collec ... observationum Solarium 1667. Epistola de Parallaxi Martis', containing collected notes on others' solar and lunar data, with Flamsteed's own planetary data, 66 folios. Nearly all of the writing is in Flamsteed's hand. The contents are dated 1667-1692, but may be of a later date. . The volume includes 'Solares Observationes ... digestae per J. Flamsteedium' (2r-23v); notes of Flamsteed's planetary observations (25v-29r); collected observations concerning lunar parallax (31v-33r); a draft of 'Phainomena Coelestia Derbiae Anno 1674 ... observabilia: ab Ephemeridibus ... Heckeri deducta' (33v-36r); rough calculations (36v-41r); an unfinished draft of a letter to Richard Towneley, 'De parallaxi Martis', 1674 (41v-45r); tables of 'The Moons Southings' and high-water at London Bridge (46v-52r); and notes on stellar and solar data, geographical longitudes and the use of a pendulum, with trigonometrical and log tables (58v-66r).
1 volume.
1667-circa 1692
46 Compilation of tables. A collection of nonagesimal, tidal and others tables, 166 folios. The writing is in various hands, beginning with Flamsteed's, and featuring the names of James Hudson (Hodgson), Alex Dennett and (in doodles) James, Mary, Isaac, Catherine Queen and Edward Vernon. The contents are dated between 16 August 1683 and 21 November 1705, but many of the items do not have dates. Flamsteed's pagination suggests that six folios have been lost at the beginning. The volume including the following tables: nonagesimal (1r-6r, 34v-36v); Jupiter's satellites (12v-25r, 26v-33r); arithmetical (25v-26r, 59r, 87r); right ascensions (35v-37r, 56r-58v); ballistic (37v-39r); the earth's orbit, the sun and the equation of time (40v-53r, 59v-64r); Saturn, Mars and Jupiter (64v-86r); for turning revolves of a screw into degrees and minutes (154r-161r); and tides (164r-165r).
1 volume.
circa 1683-circa 1705
47 Compilation of tables. A compilation entitled 'Tables of the Motions of Jupiter's Satellites' on the front cover, and 'Liber Tabularum' ('Book of Tables') by the compiler, 74 folios. There are tables of Jupiter's satellites (2v-20v, 35v) and of Jupiter (28r-30v, 36v); tables of tides (21v-22r); ballistic data (22v-23r); tables of the equation of time (23v-25v, 31r); nonagesimal tables (25v-27v); ecliptic declinations by Abraham Sharp (32v-33v); solar places for 1726 (36r); tables of the equation of light, with instructions (37r, 40v-45r); unfinished tables of parallaxes (37v-38r); a table of refractions (38v); and scattered rough notes. Some of the writing is in Flamsteed's hand, but most of the items are in other hands. The papers are undated, but originate from circa 1700 or later.
1 volume.
circa 1700
48 Lunar and planetary tables and calculations.
11 volumes.
circa 1663-circa 1713
49 Solar, lunar and Jovian tables. Three books of solar, lunar and Jovian tables, numbered by Flamsteed 85, 65 and 83, stitched together with a few additional folios to form one volume, 87 folios. The writing is in the hands of Flamsteed and others. Book 85: Solar and lunar places for 1705-1707 (2r-16v), and tables of Jupiter for 1687-1690, with calculations (18r-22r). Book 65: Personal accounts (31r-32r); two drafts of Flamsteed's letter on stellar parallax (32v-33v, 59v-63r); tables of equations of light and time, 1694-1707, and of Jupiter, 1694-1709, with observations of Jupiter's satellites (33v-50r, 57v); and solar tables for 1701-1704 and 1776 (63v-66r). The book was started on 19 August 1690, and includes dates up to 7 January 1707. Book 83: Calculations by Margaret Flamsteed (70r); tables 'pro conversione Revolutionum Cochleae limbo Arcus Muralis' ('for conversion of revolutions of the screw on the limb of the mural arc') (70v-77r); and data relating to the Pole Star, 1689 (77v).
1 volume.
circa 1690-circa 1707
50 Miscellaneous tables.
10 volumes.
circa 1667–1836
51 Book of calculations. 'Liber Supputationum' ('Book of calculations'), concerning the Sun, Moon, planets and stars, 210 folios, including notes on sunspots (passim between 8v and 33v), comets (46r-47r, 196r), the equation of time (72r-73v), the sextant's calibration (91v-92v), and refractions (111r-115v), with an index (201v-202r). The data covers April 1676 to December 1680, with some notes up to 1700. Ten leaves are missing at the front of the volume. The writing throughout is in Flamsteed's hand.
1 volume.
52 Book of calculations. 'Liber Supputationum' ('A book of calculations'), 113 folios, including work relating to the comet of 1680-1681 (1v-25v); optics, with a diagram marked 'Lectura 2a' (between 32v and 43r); Jupiter's satellites (passim after 46r) and the equation of light, with Römer's table (98v); lunar and solar eclipses (50r-54v, 65r-66r); the weight of metals (55v-56r); Saturn and Jupiter (passim after 85r); notes on 'Dr Goads Weather May 1682' (108rv); and 'Monsieur Picarts table of Refractions' (110rv). The volume was begun on 12 January 1681, and has dates up to 1 January 1684. The writing throughout is in Flamsteed's hand. There is an incomplete list of contents at the end (110rv).
1 volume.
53 Calculations and tables. An untitled book of calculations and tables relating to Jupiter and other planets, Jupiter's satellites, equations of light and time, and lunar and stellar places, 174 folios. There are notes on instrument calibration (5rv), sunspots (8rv), longitudes of places (24v-25r, 167r-168v), faults of Molyneux's Dublin tide tables (59v-60r), and refractions (169r), as well as nonagesimal tables (12r-16r). Much of the writing is in Flamsteed's hand. The volume was begun some time before 15 March 1684, and includes dates up to 21 February 1690.
1 volume.
54 Calculations and tables. An untitled book of calculations and tables relating to Saturn, Jupiter, Jupiter's satellites and other planets, and to lunar and stellar places, 186 folios. There is a copy of a letter to John Caswell about a geometrical theorem (80v), tables of refractions (185r), and a conversion table for the scale of an instrument (inside the back cover). The writing is mostly in Flamsteed's hand, but other hands also appear, including that of Abraham Sharp. The volume was begun on 16 December 1689. The items date principally from before 1693, but there are notes up to 25 May 1698.
1 volume.
55 Calculations and tables. 'Calculationes 1694', containing calculations and tables relating to the Sun, Moon, fixed stars, planets and predictions for Jupiter's satellites, 167 folios. There is an Horatian ode (1r), collected tables of refractions (14v-18r), work on Saturn by William Bossley (between 54v and 97r), lists of borrowers of books (164v, 166r), and an incomplete contents' list (166r). Much of the writing is in Flamsteed's hand, although some tables in the later half of the volume bear James Hodgson's name and are probably in his handwriting. There are dates between 22 March 1684 and 24 October 1702.
1 volume.
56 Calculations and tables. An untitled book of lunar and planetary calculations and tables, with some work on the Sun, 178 folios. There is a note about the receipt of a portrait of Tycho Brahe (9r), Latin quotations (178v), other personal notes (especially inside the back cover), and an index to the calculations (177v-178r). The writing is mostly in Flamsteed's hand, and contains parts where the handwriting is illegible. There are dates from 11 June 1703 to September 1719, but the volume may include some work slightly earlier and later than this.
1 volume.
circa 1703-circa 1719
57 Calculations and tables. A untitled book of calculations and tables, 182 folios, including three sets of lunar calculations (1r-78r), related tables (86r-103v), and planetary calculations (158v-181v). Most of the volume is in Flamsteed's hand, although some of the tables are by James Hodgson. The lunar work is dated 16 April 1699 - 16 April 1700. The remaining material is dated up to circa 30 January 1711.
1 volume.
1699-circa 1711
58 Observations and calculations. An untitled book of planetary and solar observations and calculations, 93 folios, including a copy of observations for 1679-1680 (3r-23r), a few observations of Jupiter's satellites (92v), and indexes to the planetary work (1r, 91r and inside the front cover). The writing is mostly in Joseph Crosthwait's hand, but also features those of Flamsteed, Isaac Wolferman and possibly John Witty. There are dates from 5 December 1705 to 15 April 1713, although the observations may be earlier than this, and the calculations continue to circa 1717.
1 volume.
circa 1705-circa 1717
59 Planetary and lunar calculations. Planetary and lunar calculations based on data of 1676-1689, with references to 1690, 412 folios. There are eight sections, marked as volumes 1 to 8 and separately paginated by Flamsteed, bound together in one volume in the order of their marking. The writing is mostly in John Witty's hand, with Flamsteed's hand featuring occasionally. There is a contents guide by Flamsteed at the start of each volume, and calculations on loose leaves throughout. 1. Calculations relating to Saturn, with references to stars, Jupiter and the Moon; and notes on mathematical methods (5v). 2. Planetary calculations relating to 1676-1683, with brief synopses of observations of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. 3. Planetary calculations relating to 1681-1689, with observations of Saturn and Jupiter. 4. Lunar observations and calculations relating to 1676-1680. 5. Lunar observations and calculations relating to 1684-1689. 6. Lunar observations and calculations for 1682-1683, with work on Venus, 1676-1686, and Mercury, 1676-1680. 7. Lunar observations and calculations for 1688-1689 and 1681. 8. 'Lunae loca e Tabulis supputata per Jo. Witty' ('Places of the moon calculated by John Witty from the tables'), 1677-1680.
1 volume.
2 Apr. 1705–23 Nov. 1705
60 Planetary and lunar calculations. Lunar and some planetary calculations, 24 November 1705 - 5 July 1706, with a few notes up to June 1709, 374 folios. There are eight sections, marked volumes 9 to 16, now bound together, with a few inserted loose leaves. The writing is mostly in John Witty's hand, but Flamsteed's also features. 9. Lunar places (1680-1681) and related calculations, including extracts on eclipses from Ptolemy and Albategnius (17v-28v, 41v). 10. Lunar right ascensions and north polar distances. 11. Lunar right ascensions and north polar distances, from mural arc observations of 1689-1702. 12. Lunar and planetary places (continuing from 11), covering 1702-1706 and 1690-1696 respectively. 13. 'First' calculations of planets' places, for 1696-1706, with 'second' calculations for Saturn, 1690-1701. The writing is in Flamsteed's hand. 14. Calculations of lunar right ascensions and north polar distances for 1690-1695. 15. 'Second' calculations for Saturn, 1701-1706, and Jupiter, Mars and Venus, 1690-1705, with further work on Saturn and Jupiter. The writing is in Flamsteed's hand. 16. Calculations of lunar right ascensions and north polar distances for 1695-1705.
1 volume.
24 Nov. 1705-June 1709
61 Notebooks of calculations.
5 volumes.
circa 1694-Apr. 1715
62 Observations, calculations and tables.
7 volumes.
circa 1681-circa 1711
63 Stellar calculations.
9 volumes.
1696-circa 1700
64 Observations and calculations.
9 volumes.
circa 1707–1714
65 Lunar, planetary and stellar calculations.
10 volumes.
66 Tables of ecliptic north polar distances. 'Tabulae Astronomicae Subsidiariae utilissim[ae]' ('Most useful subsidiary astronomical tables') for the calculation of celestial coordinates, 21 folios. There are diagrams (8r) and a prefixed section entitled 'Distantiae Eclipticae a Polo ad gradum quemlibet Ascentionis Rectae' ('Ecliptic distances from the pole for whatever degree of right ascension'). The contents are dated 1694-1695, but there may be later additions. The writing is in the hands of Flamsteed, James Hodgson and others.
1 volume.
1694-circa 1695
67 Treatises and other papers.
7 folders + 7 volumes; There were originally fourteen volumes. However, as a consequence of some of the boards and covers becoming detached, the contents of some volumes have been placed in folders..
1604-circa 1772
68 Works by Horrocks and other treatises.
10 volumes.
circa 1637–1923
69 Various fragments.
1 box.
1638-circa 1731
70 Perspective. A treatise in several sections, each originally foliated separately, headed 'Definitions', 'Military or the Birds Perspective' and 'Laws for Shadowing', 97 folios. The hand and author are unidentified. The work is undated, but the handwriting suggests it originates from the early 18th century. From fo. 8r the script is mostly on the rectos.
1 volume.
circa 1720
71 Optical or Horizontal Perspective. A discussion of five problems followed by an explanation of the principles of perspective, mostly expressed in axioms and theorems, 132 folios. The script is on the rectos of the folios, with the exception of a few diagrams. The hand and author are unidentified. The volume is undated, but the handwriting suggests it originates from the early 18th century.
1 volume.
circa 1720
72 Figures from 'Doctrine of the Sphere'. Duplicates of figures 12 and 13 from Flamsteed's 'Doctrine of the Sphere' (1680), with some added notes and calculations in Flamsteed's hand, including analysis of eclipses of 1682-1689, 24 folios. The printed sheets are from 1681; the notes and calculations are undated, but originate from circa 1690.
1 volume.
1681-circa 1690
73 Astronomical observations and commentary. Copies of astronomical papers by G.C. Eimmart and Christoph Arnold of 1690-1693, 15 folios. There are Latin notes and diagrams concerning a solar eclipse observed by Eimmart at Nuremberg, 23 June 1693 (1r-12r); a description of a transit of Mercury and other work by Arnold, 1690-1691; and a translation of a letter by Arnold, 1690. The copies are undated, but are roughly contemporary. The handwriting has not been identified.
1 folder.
circa 1690-circa 1693
74 Draft of 'Historia Coelestis'. 'Historiae Coelestis Pars priore sive Stellarum Fixarum Catalogus Britannicus', an unfinished draft of Flamsteed's stellar catalogue, 84 folios. The writing is in the hands of several of Flamsteed's assistants, with additions and alterations in his own hand and those of David Gregory and Edmond Halley. The text is comprised of material from which Flamsteed's 1712 published catalogue was produced. The main tables are on the rectos, with rough notes, often in pencil, on the versos of the folios.
1 volume.
circa 1690-circa 1712
75 Treatises on mathematics and astronomy. Seven treatises on mathematical and astronomical subjects bound together into one volume, dated c. 1550-1672 and 1750s, 91 folios. The treatises were added to the collection at G.B. Airy's direction, and there is a contents list in his hand. 1. 'Cono Cuneus ... By John Wallis ... 1662', an incomplete copy of the English original of a Latin treatise published in Wallis's 'Opera Mathematica', Vol. 2 (1693), pp. 679-704. 2. Diagrams showing 'A view of the Curves made by the application of the sines, Tangents and secants of a Circle'. 3. Mathematical notes about the grinding of lenses, in an unidentified mid-17th century hand, possibly that of William Gascoigne. 4. Five chapters of a work on lunar calculations, with two of another on the Moon and lunar and solar eclipses, in an unidentified hand. 5. 'The figures of the eclipsis of the sonne and the mone Withe the trew supputacion of the tyme for the situatyon of London', in a 16th century hand. 6. 'Moone-Diall ... for all lovers of the Mathematicks After which is placed an Appendix with ... Questions touching the motion of the Suns shadow by Gerard Kinckhuysen junior. Printed Anno Domini 1645', probably translated by Immanuel Halton, transcribed by 'W. M.', 1672. 7. A rough draft discussing an astronomical method of finding longitude, marked in pencil 'Methodus Longitudinum promota auctore Tobia Mayero' ('A method of longitude ... by Tobias Mayer'), c. 1750s. There is a single sheet containing Flamsteed's notes on an eclipse of 1671 (possibly part of RGO 65I).
1 volume.
circa 1550-circa 1755
76 Astronomical papers. Five papers on astronomical subjects bound together under the direction of G.B. Airy and added to the collection by him, with a list of contents in Airy's hand, 94 folios. The papers are in the hands of Flamsteed, Nicholas Stephenson and several unidentified scribes. 1. 'Venus in Sole visa: seu Tractatus Astronomicus' by Jeremiah Horrocks, 1639, differing from the version that constitutes RGO 1/68C, but written in the same hand. 2. 'Solares tabulae ex demonstratis fundamentis deductae et fabricatae a Johanne Flamsteedio Anno 1667/8', in Flamsteed's hand, 1668. 3. 'Praxis huius operis mirabilis' ('The practice of these wonderful operations'), a Latin treatise on alchemy, undated. 4. Part of an undated treatise on ballistics, copied in Nicholas Stephenson's hand, c. 1677. 5. 'Hecker his large Ephemeris for the year 1674. Reduced to an English meridian ... With a preface about ... the practices of Astrologers To which is added the Computation of two lunar Eclipses ... by Thomas Feilden', also headed 'Concerning the Vanity of Astrology'. The paper is in Flamsteed's hand, and was written c. 1673.
1 volume.
1639-circa 1675

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