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Churchill/SPRS contains:
1 Correspondence
2 Personal
3 Business papers
4 Family and personal correspondence
5 Diaries and journals
6 Public
7 Speeches and articles
8 Literary
9 Press cuttings
10 Photographs
11 Mary Borden
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The Papers of Sir Edward Spears

Title Public
Reference SPRS 6
Covering Dates 1930–1972 (The majority of files date from 1930-45.)
Extent and Medium 4 archive boxes
Content and context

Papers on ELS's political, military and public activities, including: files on his Parliamentary work; military maps, telegrams and correspondence, particularly relating to the Dakar landings and ELS's work with the Free French as First Minister to Syria and the Lebanon; a file on his re-election campaign in the 1945 General Election.

Churchill/SPRS 6 contains:
1 Visit to United States. Correspondence on ELS's visit to the United States in 1930, chiefly letters of introduction and accounts of ELS's interviews and business meetings. Also includes correspondence with Ronald Tree on the House of Commons American Committee.
1 file.
2 Parliamentary papers and cuttings. Includes: ELS's report to the subcommittee for northern MPs on control of parliamentary expenditure (c 1930-31); article on the role of 1st Lord Hankey as Cabinet Secretary, from L'Europe Nouvelle; press cutting on ELS's success in Parliament (1933); report of the Budget disclosure inquiry (1936); press cuttings on histories of the First World War, particularly David Lloyd George's war memoirs relating to Passchendaele [Belgium]; notes for a [?] Parliamentary question to James Thomas, Secretary of State for the Colonies, on Empire settlement spending (c 1936).
1 file.
c 1930-c 1936
3 Fitzpatrick/Parker Case. Correspondence on a complaint by Flying Officer Douglas Fitzpatrick against the police which was taken up by ELS, with correspondents including Sir Samuel Hoare, Home Secretary [later 1st Lord Templewood] and 1st Lord Trenchard, Commissioner of Metropolitan Police.
1 file.
4 Abdication Crisis. Includes copies of the Bill of Abdication, press cuttings, an issue of Cavalcade magazine on the crisis, printed Dominion debates and a memorandum by ELS on King Edward VIII [later Edward, Duke of Windsor] and Wallis Simpson [later Wallis, Duchess of Windsor].
1 file.
5 Maps of the German attack and breakthrough in Normandy [France] and Belgium.
3 items.
May 1940
6 Map of Asmara, Eritrea.
1 item.
Jul 1940
7 Free French schedule for "Operation Menace", the Anglo-French landings at Dakar [Senegal].
1 file.
Sep 1940
8 Maps of Dakar defences for "Operation Menace", the Anglo-French landings in Senegal.
1 file.
Sep 1940
9 Political map of Africa.
1 item.
10 Telegram from ELS to the War Office from Syria. Telegram on the Syrian view of France, and the chances of negotiations between Syria and the Free French.
1 file.
08 Jul 1941
11 Free French memoranda on armistice terms and the future of Syria. Telegrams between the Free French and Foreign Office on the armistice in the Middle East with Vichy forces.
1 file.
Jun 1941-Dec 1941
12 Catroux's proclamations. Proclamations by General Georges Catroux, Commander-in-Chief of Free French in Levant, to the Syrians and Lebanese on granting their independence.
1 file.
Sep 1941-Nov 1941
13 News items for Sharq al-Adna. Press releases on the Lebanese constitutional crisis following the arrest of the Lebanese cabinet by French forces, sent to the Press Attaché at the British Legation in Beirut for the Near East Arab Broadcasting Station.
1 file.
Nov 1943
14 MacKereth: Telegrams. Copies of telegrams from Gilbert MacKereth [Counsellor at the British Legation, Beirut] to the Foreign Office on the situation in Syria and the Lebanon, and also correspondence on ELS's attempts to have him transferred or dismissed.
1 file.
Jul 1944-Oct 1944
15 MacKereth: Eastern Department. Copies of telegrams and correspondence on Gilbert MacKereth [Counsellor at the British Legation, Beirut, Lebanon] and ELS's attempts to have him transferred or dismissed.
1 file.
Aug 1944-Jan 1945
16 MacKereth: Documents. Copies of telegrams and correspondence on Gilbert MacKereth [Counsellor at the British Legation, Beirut, Lebanon] and ELS's attempts to have him transferred or dismissed on grounds of his handling of economic affairs. Includes: correspondence on tyre imports and distribution in Syria, and relations with the Bedouin; annotated weekly political summaries from Damascus; reports on the economic situation in the Levant.
1 file.
Jun 1944-Oct 1944
17 MacKereth: Report. Report and copies of correspondence on Gilbert MacKereth [Counsellor at the British Legation, Beirut, Lebanon] and ELS's attempts to have him transferred or dismissed.
1 file.
Aug 1944-Sep 1944
18 Questions in Parliament. Correspondence on questions asked by ELS on the numbers of censors and censorship practices, the RAF's fuel consumption in 1945 and prefabricated housing from Germany. Correspondents include 7th Lord Londonderry on the censorship question.
1 file.
May 1945
19 Election literature and quotations. Press cuttings, speech notes, background information etc for ELS's unsuccessful campaign for re-election as MP for Carlisle [Cumberland] during the General Election.
1 file.
Jun 1945-Jul 1945
20 Visit to Brussels. Correspondents on the arrangements for ELS's business visit to Belgium in October 1945, with correspondents including Emile de Cartier, Baron de Marchienne, Belgian Ambassador to Britain and Anthony Lambert ( British Embassy, Brussels). . Also includes later correspondence with friends from Belgium.
1 file.
21 Minute book of Parliamentary Middle East Committee, Committee for Arab Affairs and Arab Club.
1 file.
22 Middle East Dinner. Correspondence on a reunion dinner for members of the Spears Mission to Syria and the Lebanon.
1 file.

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