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"The Shane Leslie-Godfrey Faussett Archive"

Title "The Shane Leslie-Godfrey Faussett Archive"
Reference GBR/0014/SLGF
Creator Leslie, Sir John Randolph Shane, 1885-1971, 3rd Baronet, writer
Covering Dates 1884–1978
Extent and Medium 8 archive boxes
Repository Churchill Archives Centre
Content and context

Sir Shane Leslie:

John Randolph [Shane] Leslie was born on 24 September 1885 at Stratford House, 11 Granville Place, in London, the eldest of the four sons of Sir John Leslie, second baronet (1857-1944), and his wife, Léonie Blanche (1857-1943), pianist, youngest daughter of Leonard Jerome of New York, and sister of Lady Randolph Churchill. He was educated at Ludgrove School, London, Eton College, the Sorbonne and King's College, Cambridge. At Cambridge Leslie became a Roman Catholic and an Irish nationalist and began to use the Irish form of his name "Shane". In 1912 he married Marjorie Ide (died 1951) with whom he had two sons and one daughter. In 1958 he married Iris Laing. Leslie was passionate about the cause of United Ireland and had much contact with his first cousin, Winston Churchill, about the issues connected with Home Rule.

Leslie's many publications included: Songs of Oriel; The Isle of Columcille; The End of a Chapter, 1916; Verses in Peace and War; The Oppidan, 1922; Life of Cardinal Manning; Life of Sir Mark Sykes, 1922; Doomsland, 1923; Memoir of Brig.-Gen. Gordon Shephard; Masquerades, 1924; An Anthology of Catholic Poets, 1925; The Cantab; George the Fourth, 1926; The Skull of Swift, 1928; The Greek Anthology, 1929; The Anglo-Catholic, 1929; A Ghost in the Isle of Wight, 1929; Memoir of J. E. C. Bodley, 1930; The Epic of Jutland, 1930; Sublime Failures, 1932; The Oxford Movement, 1933; Poems and Ballads, 1933; The Passing Chapter, 1934; The Script of Jonathan Swift and other Essays, 1935; American Wonderland, 1936; Men were Different: Studies in Late Victorian Biography, 1937; Sir Evelyn Ruggles-Brise, 1938; The Film of Memory, 1938; The Life of Mrs Fitzherbert, 1939; Letters of Mrs Fitzherbert, 1940; From Cabin Boy to Archbishop, 1942; Letters of Cardinal Vaughan to Lady Herbert of Lea, 1943; The Irish Tangle for English Readers, 1946; Salutation to Five, 1951; Memoir of Cardinal Gasquet, 1954; Shane Leslie's Ghost Book, 1955; Long Shadows, 1966.

Leslie died on 14 August 1971.

Leslie's projected biography of Beatty:

Leslie had a profound interest in the Royal Navy and a close friendship with 1st Lord Beatty, Commander in Chief of the Grand Fleet (1916-1919) and First Sea Lord (1919-1927). Leslie was selected as the biographer of Lord Beatty, who died in 1936, and he did so much work on the project that by 1948 he was able to tell a correspondent that it was completed. But it was never published. The reason was that Leslie was very well informed about the Admiral's disastrous marriage to Ethel, daughter of the fabulously wealthy American chain store pioneer Marshall Field of Chicago and divorced wife of Arthur Tree, since he was an intimate of Ethel as well as of the Admiral; and the draft of his biography reveals his intention to bring out clearly if dispassionately the consequences of that marriage. Another intimate friend of Leslie's was Eugenie, wife of Captain Bryan Godfrey Faussett, RN, naval equerry to George V and Edward VIII; and Eugenie was Beatty's mistress from about 1916 to 1926. She preserved virtually all Beatty's letters to her, and gave some of them to Leslie for use in the biography. Although she asked Leslie not to reveal her identity she evidently had no objection to his using some of the letters. The 2nd Earl Beatty had, however, totally different ideas on how the story of his father's life should be handled, and flatly refused to allow the story of the disastrous aspects of his marriage and the love affair to have any part in it. In consequence Leslie abandoned the job, which was passed to Rear-Admiral W.S. Chalmers. He produced "The Life and Letters of David, Earl Beatty" (Hodder and Stoughton, 1951).

The collection includes: letters collected by Leslie while working on the biography of Beatty, notes by him, and extracts from a diary, and his manuscript and typescript drafts; letters dealing both with the production of "The Epic of Jutland" and its reception; and letters from Beatty to Eugenie Godfrey Faussett.

Sir Shane Leslie bequeathed his naval papers to Captain Stephen Roskill, first Keeper of the Archives at Churchill Archives Centre, who gave them to the College. The provenance and archival history of the letters from Beatty to Eugenie Godfrey Faussett (SLGF 14-15) is described separately in that section.

The arrangement of the papers is that imposed by Roskill.

Access and Use

The collection is open for consultation by researchers using Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. Churchill Archives Centre is open from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. A prior appointment and two forms of identification are required.

Please cite as Churchill Archives Centre, "The Shane Leslie-Godfrey Faussett Archive", SLGF

Further information

Churchill Archives Centre also holds the Papers of Sir Bryan Godfrey-Faussett (reference GBR 0014 BGGF).

This catalogue is available at Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge, and the National Register of Archives, London. The catalogue is also available on the Janus website http://janus.lib.cam.ac.uk.

This collection was created by Captain Stephen Roskill by combining several different accessions of material which are linked by subject matter. Roskill himself catalogued and arranged the papers and played an active role in sourcing its contents. This catalogue and collection level description were produced by Natalie Adams at Churchill Archives Centre in August 2005 using information from the papers themselves and Roskill's original catalogue. Additional biographical information about Leslie was obtained from his obituary in the Times (16 August 1971), his entry in Who Was Who (A & C Black, London) and in the Dictionary of National Biography.

Index Terms
Leslie, Sir John Randolph Shane (1885-1971) 3rd Baronet, writer
Beatty, David (1871-1936) 1st Earl Beatty, Admiral of the Fleet
Roskill, Stephen Wentworth (1903-1982) naval historian
Churchill/SLGF contains:
1 Juvenilia. Material relating to Beatty as cadet in HMS Britannia, 1884-1885. Includes photograph.
1 file.
2 Correspondence relating to Mrs Ethel Beatty being presented Court. Includes: letter from Lord Chamberlain's office to Captain Godfrey Faussett; letters from Ethel Beatty to Captain Godfrey Faussett (4); letters from Captain Godfrey Faussett to Beatty (2); copy of letter from Beatty to Godfrey Faussett (in Leslie's hand).
1 file.
3 World War 1 and aftermath.
1 file.
4 Typed extracts of letters from Beatty to [Ethel, Lady Beatty] and one to [Eugenie Godfrey-Faussett] presumably made for possible use in Leslie's biography. May 1917-Jan 1919
5 Correspondence between Beatty and Ethel, Lady Beatty.
1 file.
6 Correspondence including Jutland controversy.
1 file.
7 Correspondence.
1 file.
8 Correspondence between Shane Leslie and Augustus Agar, VC to Leslie. Includes remarks on Leslie's "Beatty Chapter" and draft of preface to Leslie's "Jutland Epic" and a letter from Sir Stephen Gaselee on use of Irish bases.
1 file.
9 Correspondence between 2nd Lord Beatty and Shane Leslie about Leslie's biography of 1st Lord Beatty.
part of a file.
10 Correspondence about Ralph Seymour. Correspondence about the tragedy of Ralph Seymour, Beatty's Flag Lieutenant, with his sister Horatia. Includes Leslie's draft account of how Ethel, Lady Beatty brought about Seymour's suicide and a draft character study of Ethel by Leslie.
part of a file.
11 Miscellany. 1898–1968
12 Shane Leslie's biography of Beatty.
1 box.
13 Jutland: publications and notes.
1 box.
14-16 Original letters written by 1st Lord Beatty to Eugenie Godfrey Faussett. 1916–1978
17/1-2 Items removed from Sir Shane Leslie's books. Material removed from Leslie's copy of Count Constantine Benckendorff's book Half a Life (Richards Press, 1954) included holograph letters from Count Benckendorff, Admiral Sir John Frewen, Admiral Lord Keyes and notes by Leslie. Material removed from Leslie's copy of Beresford's book The Betrayal (P.S. King, 1912) includes holograph letters from Admiral Lord Charles Beresford to Morton Frewen (3), notes by Leslie, copies of reviews collected by Leslie.
1 file.

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