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The Papers of Sir (Philip) Stuart Milner-Barry

Title The Papers of Sir (Philip) Stuart Milner-Barry
Reference GBR/0014/MNBY
Creator Milner-Barry, Sir Philip Stuart, 1906-1995, Knight, Civil Servant
Covering Dates 1974–1997
Extent and Medium 3 boxes
Repository Churchill Archives Centre
Content and context

Milner-Barry was born 20 September 1906, the son of Professor E. L. Milner-Barry. In 1947 he married Thelma Tennant Wells and they had one son and two daughters. He died 25 March 1995.

Milner-Barry studied classics at Trinity College, Cambridge. He began by working for a firm of stockbrokers, 1929-38. He was one of the senior code-breakers at Bletchley Park, 1940-45. He was Gordon Welchman's deputy at Bletchley Park and was primarily responsible for the vital "cribs" of Hut 6 and in 1943 he took over responsibility for Hut 6. On 21st October 1941, Milner-Barry along with Alan Turing, Gordon Welchman, Hugh Alexander wrote directly to Churchill to seek more staff for Bletchley Park. Milner-Barry delivered the letter personally to 10 Downing Street and Churchill gave them his support. Milner-Barry had a lifelong interest and talent in chess - he was British Boy Champion, 1923 and also a member of the British International teams, 1937-61. He was playing chess for Britain in Argentina when war broke out, and worked as Chess Correspondent for "The Times" newspaper 1938-45. After the war he was Principal, HM Treasury, 1945, and became Assistant Secretary in 1947. He was Director of Organisation and Methods, Treasury, 1954-58, Director of Establishments and Organisation, Ministry of Health, 1958-60, and Under-Secretary, Treasury, 1954-66.

These papers mostly consist of correspondence and articles. The papers all deal with intelligence matters such as access to wartime records, claims of espionage, memories of wartime code-breaking-related activities and publications by former Bletchley Park staff or about Bletchley Park.

Sir Stuart Milner-Barry destroyed the majority of his papers believing them to be of little interest and so it is only his later papers that survive here. These papers were deposited at Churchill Archives Centre by Captain Anthony Sainsbury, on behalf of Lady Milner-Barry, in May 1997. Captain Sainsbury had partially sorted the papers and 16 files, arranged according to subject or correspondent, were deposited.

It was not clear how much of the arrangement within the files was Milner-Barry's own and how much was later imposed by Captain Sainsbury so the files have been left intact as they were deposited.

This collection is owned by Churchill College.

Access and Use

The collection is open for consultation by researchers using Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. Churchill Archives Centre is open from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. A prior appointment and two forms of identification are required.

Researchers wishing to publish excerpts from the papers must obtain prior permission from the copyright holders and should seek advice from Archives Centre staff.

Please cite as Churchill Archives Centre, The Papers of Sir (Philip) Stuart Milner-Barry, MNBY

Further information

This catalogue is available at Churchill Archives Centre, at The Historical Manuscripts Commission and on the Janus website: http://janus.lib.cam.ac.uk.

This collection (fonds) level description and catalogue was prepared by Louise King of Churchill Archives Centre in April 2003 using information from the papers themselves and from Milner-Barry's entry in "Who Was Who 1897-1996" (A&C Black).

Index Terms
Second World War (1939-1945)
Barry, Sir Philip Stuart Milner - (1906-1995) Knight and codebreaker
Churchill/MNBY contains:
1 Literary Correspondence. Correpondence with (and about) Gordon Welchman about the possibility of writing a book, the Cabinet Office, Peter Calvocoressi, Bill Bundy and Ronald Lewin. Subjects include Winterbotham's book "The Ultra Secret" (published 1974, Bill Bundy, security objections to books about intelligence, and Anthony Cave Brown's "The Bodyguard of Lies".
1 file.
2 Sep 1974-Apr 1986
2 Literary Correspondence. Contents include two obituaries for Hugh Alexander (c1974), correspondence with the Imperial War Museum (1986), with Waterside Productions about "The Day War Broke Out" (1988), and Alan Truscott of the "New York Times" (1994). Also included are xeroxes of articles about intelligence (n.d.).
1 file.
3 Intelligence Correspondence. Letters from Ralph Erskine, James Rusbridger, Gordon Welchman, Bill Bundy, Christopher Andrew, Ronald Lewin and Harry Hinsley and xeroxes of articles about WWII intelligence. Subjects include Gordon Welchman, publications by people other than Milner-Barry, the "SS Automedon" (British ship captured by the Germans 1940) and the "Nankin" (Australian Steamer captured by the Germans).
2 files.
5 Nov 1975–5 Mar 1986
4 Access to Records. Correspondence with Sir Robert Armstrong, Secretary of the Cabinet and Head of the Home Civil Service, regarding Milner-Barry's appeal to the Cabinet for greater access to hi own wartime record.
1 file.
9 Jul 1976–13 Mar 1976
5 Correpondence. Correspondence with Peter Calvocoressi and the BBC about television programmes (Jul 1976 - Apr 1977), and with Patrick Beesly about the "Bismarck" (Mar 1983 - 7 Jun 1988). There are also notes on the contents of the file compiled by Sainsbury.
1 file (40 folios).
Jul 1976–7 Jun 1988
6 Defence of Sir Dennis Proctor. Contents include correspondence with Sir Edward Playfair and others who worked with Sir Dennis Proctor; typescript of events surrounding the "Spies" written by Barbara Proctor; press cuttings about Peter Wright, Roger Hollis and Proctor; Order of Service for the funeral of Proctor; Thelma Milner-Barry's update on the debate about Proctor's innocence.
1 file.
7 Publications by Bletchley Park staff. Correspondence and articles about publications by staff who worked at Bletchley Park in Huts 3 and 6 during WWII. Correspondents include Jean Howard and Dr Christopher Andrew.
1 file.
8 Correspondence with Bill Bundy. Subjects include Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, reviews of books and opinions of their contents as well as of current affairs.
1 file.
30 Oct 1985–13 Dec 1990
9 Rupert Allason and Enigma claims. Letters and xeroxes about Rupert Allason's claims that the experts at Bletchley Park did not crack any of the Enigma codes.
1 file.
10 Correspondence with Ralph Erskine. Subjects include Enigma, James Rusbridger, and books written by others about intelligence.
1 file.
11 Article by Dr Geoff Jukes "The Soviets and Ultra". Letters from Alan Stripp, Ralph Erskine, Christopher Andrew (editor of "Intelligence and National Security") about the article (published in 1988). Also includes a draft letter by Milner-Barry commenting on the article (no addressee) and a typed copy of the article.
1 file.
12 Letters from Ralph Erskine. With copies of articles. Also includes a letter from David Kahn, and a letter from Erskine to Sainsbury about his correspondence with Milner-Barry with a list of their 1984-1994 correspondence.
1 file.
10 Jan 1989–23 Nov 1991
13 "The Inside Story of Bletchley Park". One handwritten manuscript of Chapter 12 and two typescript manuscripts with annotations. Also includes correspondence with the editor Alan Stripp.
1 file.
14 Bletchley Park Trust. Xeroxes, articles and correspondence regarding the proposed bulldozing of the Bletchley Park site and actions to safeguard its future.
1 file.
15 "Milton Keynes and District: Secret Intelligence" by J.A. Taylor. A typed reprinted publication about Bletchley Park and its staff, with pencil annotations.
1 file.
16 Captain Anthony Sainsbury. Xeroxed articles about David Irving and other subjects, with a review by Sainsbury (c.1994). Also letters from Sainsbury to Milner-Barry, Peter Calvocoressi and editors about claims that the British gave the Russians a naval Enigma machine in 1943 (1988).
1 file.

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