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Archives of Lord Hankey of the Chart (Maurice Hankey) (1877-1963)

Title Archives of Lord Hankey of the Chart (Maurice Hankey) (1877-1963)
Reference GBR/0014/HNKY
Creator Hankey, Maurice Pascal Alers (1877-1963) Lord Hankey of the Chart, civil servant
Covering Dates 1890–1963
Extent and Medium 135; boxes
Repository Churchill Archives Centre
Content and context

1877 Born at Biarritz. 3rd son of R. A. Hankey.

1890 Rugby School.

1895 Probationary Second Lieutenant, Royal Marine Artillery. Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

1897 Eastney Barracks, Portsmouth.

1899 H.M.S. Ramillies, Mediterranean.

1899 Captain, R.M.A.

1900 Mother died.

1902 Naval Intelligence Department.

1903 Married Adeline de Smidt.

1905 Father died.

1906 Admiralty representative on Owen Committee.

1907 Intelligence Officer, Mediterranean.

1908 Naval Assistant Secretary, Committee of Imperial Defence.

1912 C.B.

1912 Secretary, C.I.D. (to 1938).

1914 Lieutenant Colonel, R.M.A. (retired).

1914 Secretary of War Council.

1916 K.C.B.

1916 Secretary of War Cabinet.

1917 Commander, Legion of Honour.

1917 Secretary of Imperial War Cabinet.

1919 British Secretary, Paris Peace Conference.

1919 Secretary of Cabinet (to 1938).

1919 S.C.B.

1920 Grand Cross of Crown of Italy.

1921 British Secretary, Washington Conference.

1921 Secretary-General, Imperial Conference.

1921 Grand Cross of Crown of Belgium.

1922 British Secretary, Genoa Economic Conference.

1923 Clerk of the Privy Council (to 1938).

1923 Secretary-General, Imperial Conference.

1924 British Secretary, London International Conference.

1926 Secretary-General, Imperial Conference.

1929 G.C.M.G.

1929-30 Secretary-General Hague Conference.

1929 Colonel R.M. (retd).

1930 Secretary-General, Hague Conference.

1930 Secretary-General, London Naval Conference.

1930 Secretary-General, Imperial Conference.

1932 Secretary, Lausanne Conference.

1934 G.C.V.O.

1937 Secretary-General, Imperial Conference.

1938 Retired. British Government Director of Suez Canal Co. (to 1939).

1939 First Baron Hankey of The Chart.

1939 Member of Permanent Mandates Commission, League of Nations (to ix.1939).

1939 Minister without Portfolio, War Cabinet.

1940 Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster.

1940 Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee (to 1942).

1941 Paymaster-General.

1942 Dismissed from his office in Government.

1942 F.R.S.

1943 Chairman, Colonial Products Research Council.

1944 Chairman, Television Committee.

1945 Lees Knowles Lectures.

1945 Director of Jorehaut Tea Co. (to 1960).

1945 Commercial Director of Suez Canal Co.

1947 Member of Advisory Council on Scientific Research (to 1956).

1947 Director of Nile Insurance Co.

1951 Romanes Lectures at Oxford.

1951 Grand Officer, Legion of Honour.

1955 Order of the Rising Sun, First Class.

1963 Died at Redhill County Hospital, Surrey.

1. Diaries

2. Newspaper Cuttings

3. Correspondence - Family

4. Correspondence - General

5. Correspondence - Special

6. Papers - Royal Marines

7. Papers - Committee of Imperial Defence

8. Papers - Cabinet Office

9. Papers - Mandates Commission

10. Papers - Cabinet

11. Papers - War Appreciations

12. Papers - Scientific & Technical

13. Papers - Political

14. Suez Canal - Correspondence

15. Suez Canal - Papers

16. Suez Canal - Miscellanea

17. Suez Canal - Nile Insurance Co.

18. War Crimes - German

19. War Crimes - Belgion Correspondence

20. War Crimes - Japan

21. Personal - Japan

22. Personal - Health

23. Personal - Miscellanea

24. Historical

25. Literary - Books

26. Literary - Newspaper Articles

27. Literary - Broadcasts

28. Literary - Lectures

29. Speeches - Lords

30. Speeches - General

In 1967 the second Lord Hankey deposited his father's papers at Churchill College to be used by his biographer and subsequently to be available for historical research. Although the papers had originally been in good order Lord Hankey had used them in the later part of his life for writing about his career and had destroyed part of his earlier records. There was considerable duplication of file titles and numbers of misplaced items. Much of the work of sorting has been carried out by Captain S. W. Roskill, R.N., while writing Hankey: Man of Secrets.

In 2002, Lord Hankey's daughter deposited an additional box of material comprising Hankey's honeymoon diary (HNKY 1/1A) and engagement diaries, 1941-1952 (HNKY 1/13A-D).

In 2008, the Hankey family deposited further material: a letter from Hankey to his sister which has been added to HNKY 3/12, photos of his parents (HNKY 23/14), sketches of Hankey (HNKY 23/15) and a sketch by Hankey (HNKY 23/16).

In 2009, the Hankey family deposited a further volume of photographs collected by Hankey (HNKY 23/17).

The present arrangement is intended as far as possible to reproduce the original. The papers are arranged in seven main groups:-

Diaries and Newspaper Cuttings (1 & 2)

Correspondence (3 - 5)

Papers (6 - 13)

Suez Canal (14 - 17)

War Crimes (18 - 20)

Personal (21 - 23)

Literary (24 - 30)

The sections are not entirely self-contained, but Lord Hankey's practice of getting important items copied means that they often appear in several different files. Apart from the celebrated diaries which he kept, most of the papers are later in date than 1938.

Access and Use

The collection is open for consultation by researchers using Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. Individual closures of files are indicated in the catalogue. Churchill Archives Centre is open from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. A prior appointment and two forms of identification are required.

Further information

Government Control in War - Lees Knowles Lectures (1945)

Diplomacy by Conference (1946)

Politics - Trials and Errors (1949)

The Science and Art of Government - Romanes Lectures (1951)

The Supreme Command 1914-1918 (1961)

Supreme Control at the Peace Conference 1919 (1963)

Stephen Roskill, Hankey: Man of Secrets, Vol. I (1970)

Vol. II (1972)

Vol. III (1974)

Churchill Archives Centre also holds the papers of Hankey's wife, Adeline, Lady Hankey (reference code GBR/0014/AHKY).

Index Terms
Suez Canal
War Crimes
International Relations
Conflict Resolution
Second World War (1939-1945)
Churchill/HNKY contains:
1 Diaries.
2 Newspaper Cuttings.
3 Correspondence - Family.
4 Correspondence - General.
5 Correspondence - Special.
6 Papers - Royal Marines.
7 Papers - C.I.D.
8 Papers - Cabinet Office.
9 Papers - Mandates Commission.
10 Papers - Cabinet.
11 Papers - War Appreciations.
12 Papers - Scientific & Technical.
13 Papers - Political.
14 Suez Canal - Correspondence.
15 Suez Canal - Papers.
16 Suez Canal - Miscellaneous.
17 Suez Canal - Nile Insurance Co.
18 War Crimes - German.
19 War Crimes - Belgion Correspondence.
20 War Crimes - Japan.
21 Personal - Japan.
22 Personal - Health.
23 Personal - Miscellaneous.
24 Historical.
25 Literary - Books.
26 Literary - Newspaper Articles.
27 Literary - Broadcasts.
28 Literary - Lectures.
29 Speeches - Lords.
30 Speeches - General.

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