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The Papers of Professor Norman Feather

Title The Papers of Professor Norman Feather
Reference GBR/0014/FEAT
Creator Feather, Norman, 1904-1978, Professor, physicist
Covering Dates 1915–1978
Extent and Medium 72 boxes
Repository Churchill Archives Centre
Content and context

Norman Feather was born in Crimsworth, Yorkshire, 16 November 1904. In 1932 he married Kathleen Grace Burke and they had one son and twin daughters.

Feather attended Trinity College, Cambridge and became a Fellow of the college 1929-1933. He was an Associate in Physics at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1929-1930. He was a University Demonstrator in Physics at Cambridge University, 1933-1935, a Leverhulme Fellow and Lecturer, at the University of Liverpool, 1935-1936, and Cambridge University Lecturer in Physics, 1936-1945. Feather was then Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh until 1975. Professor Feather died 14 August 1978.

Professor Feather's publications include: "An Introduction to Nuclear Physics" (pub. 1936), "Lord Rutherford" (pub. 1940), "Nuclear Stability Rules" (pub. 1952), "An Introduction to the Physics of Mass, Length and Time" (pub. 1959), "An Introduction to the Physics of Vibrations and Waves" (pub. 1961), "Electricity and Matter: an introductory survey" (pub. 1968), "Matter and Motion" (pub. 1970) and numerous papers on radioactivity and nuclear physics.

This collection consists solely of Feather's scientific papers and contains original experimental records and calculations, correspondence with other scientists, unpublished wartime reports and offprints of published papers.

After Professor Feather's death, his colleague, Dr David Vass, Department of Physics, University of Edinburgh, sorted Professor Feather's papers from his books (bequeathed to Edinburgh University Library) and they were brought to Churchill Archives Centre in four batches: boxes 1-30 (1982); boxes 31-46 (1984); approximately 24 more boxes in 1985; and 2 boxes in 2009.

The papers, in boxes 1-46, have been listed by box and there is considerable overlap of subject matter between boxes.

This collection is owned by Churchill College.

Access and Use

Boxes 1-46, Acc.660/1-4 and most of Acc.1505 are open for consultation by researchers using Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. Churchill Archives Centre is open from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. A prior appointment and two forms of identification are required.

Researchers wishing to publish excerpts from the papers must obtain prior permission from the copyright holder and should seek advice from Archives Centre staff.

Please cite as Churchill Archives Centre, The Papers of Professor Norman Feather, FEAT

Further information

A copy of this finding aid is available for consultation at Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge, the National Register of Archives, London and on the Janus website, http://janus.lib.cam.ac.uk/. A partial paper catalogue is available at Churchill Archives Centre and the National Register of Archives.

This collection (fonds) level description was prepared by Louise King of Churchill Archives Centre in June 2004 using the information from the original 1984 catalogue. Additional information was obtained from "Who Was Who, 1897 - 1996" (A&C Black). A small accession was added by Sophie Bridges, October 2009.

Index Terms
Nuclear Physics
Feather, Norman (1904-1978) Professor, physicist
Churchill/FEAT contains:
1 Notes and Publications.
1 box.
2 Notes, Calculations and Articles.
1 box.
3 "Electricity and Matter: An Introductory Survey". Manuscript.
1 box.
Apr 1967
4 "Electricity and Matter: An Introductory Survey". Two draft copies.
1 box.
5 Undergraduate Notebooks.
1 box.
6 Undergraduate and Later Notebooks.
1 box.
7 Undergraduate Notebooks and Dissertation.
1 box.
8 Laboratory Books: Cavendish Laboratory.
1 box.
9 Notebooks, Undergraduate and Later.
1 box.
10 Publications.
1 box.
11 Articles by Feather.
1 box.
12 Lectures.
1 box.
13 Miscellaneous.
1 box.
14 Lectures and Publications.
1 box.
15 Notes, Lectures and Publications.
1 box.
16 Publications.
1 box.
17 Experiments; Publications.
1 box.
18 Publications and Calculations.
1 box.
19 Publications and Calculations.
1 box.
20 Miscellaneous.
1 box.
21 Notebooks and Publications.
1 box.
22 Slides and Feather's Books.
1 box.
23 Correspondence and Graphs.
1 box.
24 Notes.
1 box.
25 Correspondence.
1 box.
26 Correspondence and Publications.
1 box.
27 Publications.
1 box.
28 Correspondence.
1 box.
post 1915–1978
29 Illustrations.
1 box.
30 Illustrations for Publications.
1 box.
31 Offprints.
1 box.
32 Offprints, Occasional Places.
1 box.
33 Miscellaneous.
1 box.
34 Wartime Reports and Miscellaneous.
1 box.
35 Talks and Lectures.
1 box.
36 Talks and Newspaper Articles.
1 box.
37 Offprints.
1 box.
38 Notes, Articles and Sermons.
1 box.
39 Books and Dissertation.
1 box.
40 Collected Papers 'A'.
1 box.
41 Collected Papers 'B'.
1 box.
42 Notes, Reviews and Correspondence.
1 box.
43 Correspondence and Miscellaneous.
1 box.
44 Drafts and Correspondence.
1 box.
45 Notes, Data and Correspondence.
1 box.
46 Correspondence, Data and Drafts.
1 box.

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