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Manuscripts/MS Add.3958-4007/MS Add.4007 contains:
Add.4007.1: 1-3 Timeline of Newton's dealings with Cambridge University
Add.4007.2: 4-6 Copy of a letter from Borelli to Wallis
Add.4007.3: 7-10 Copy of two letters from Collins to Newton
Add.4007.4: 11-23 Extracts from the journal books of the Royal Society relating to the late Sir Isaac Newton
Add.4007.5: 24-59 Copies of Newton and Oldenburg correspondence
Add.4007.6: 60 Copy of a letter from Isaac Newton to Henry Oldenburg
Add.4007.7: 61-66 Copy of a letter from John Collins to Giovanni Alphonso Borelli
Add.4007.8: 67-130 Copies of Newton and Oldenburg correspondence
Add.4007.9: 131-136 Copy of a Letter from Isaac Newton to John Collins
Add.4007.10: 137-154 Copies of Newton and Oldenburg correspondence
Add.4007.11: 155 Letter from Newton to Oldenburg, accompanying a Latin Letter on Series
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The Portsmouth Collection

Title Copies of Newton and Oldenburg correspondence
Reference MS Add.4007.5: 24-59
Creator Adams, John Couch, 1819-1892, astronomer
Covering Dates c 1880
Extent and Medium ff.36; paper
Content and context

Six copy letters.

Index Terms
Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727) Knight, natural philosopher and mathematician
Oldenburg, Henry (1618-1677) scientist
Conduitt, John (1688-1737) politician
Adams, John Couch (1819-1892) astronomer
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