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Manuscripts/MS Add.3958-4007/MS Add.4007 contains:
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Add.4007.35: 439-457 Letters from Flamsteed to Newton, and from Wallis to Newton, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Worcester
Add.4007.36: 458-459 Copy of a Letter from David Gregory to Isaac Newton
Add.4007.37: 460-472 Copies of Papers concerning the Publication of Flamsteed's Historiae Coelestis
Add.4007.38: 473-509 Copies of Letters from Cotes, Keill and Crownfield to Newton
Add.4007.39: 510-512 Letter from Newton for Publication
Add.4007.40: 513-533 Copies of Correspondence between Keill and Newton
Add.4007.41: 536-562 Copy letters from Keill, Cotes and Varignon to Newton
Add.4007.42: 534-535 Copy letters from Chamberlayne
Add.4007.43: 536-562 Copy Letters from Keill, Cotes and Varignon to Newton
Add.4007.44: 563-578 Copy Letters of Newton and Various Correspondents
Add.4007.45: 579-594 Copies of Miscellaneous Newton Correspondence
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The Portsmouth Collection

Title Copies of Correspondence between Keill and Newton
Reference MS Add.4007.40: 513-533
Creator Adams, John Couch, 1819-1892, astronomer
Covering Dates c 1880
Extent and Medium ff.3; paper
Content and context

7 Letters, including one from T Johnson to Keill and one from Variguon(?) to Newton

Index Terms
Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727) Knight, natural philosopher and mathematician
Keill, John (1671-1721) mathematician and natural philosopher
Adams, John Couch (1819-1892) astronomer
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