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Manuscripts/MS Add.3958-4007/MS Add.4006 contains:
Add.4006.1: 1-2 Catalogue of Manuscripts of Tycho Brahe
Add.4006.2: 3-5bis Draft Letters from the Referees of 'Historia Coelestis Britannica' to Ole Roemer Relating to Tycho's Observations
Add.4006.3: 6 Letter from John Arbuthnott to Isaac Newton
Add.4006.4: 7 Letter from Newton and the Other Referees to Prince George of Demark Concerning the Publication of Flamsteed's Observations
Add.4006.5: 8-13 Two Drafts of Articles of Agreement made Between the Referees and John Flamsteed
Add.4006.6: 14-15 Letter from John Flamsteed to Sir Isaac Newton
Add.4006.7: 16-17 Letter from John Flamsteed to Sir Isaac Newton
Add.4006.8: 18-19 Order Sent to John Flamsteed
Add.4006.9: 20-21 Letter from John Flamsteed to Sir Christopher Wren
Add.4006.10 Letter from the Referees to Sir Isaac Newton
Add.4006.11: 22-24 An Account of the Expenses of Printing Mr John Flamsteed's Observations by order of his Royall Highness the Prince
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The Portsmouth Collection

Title Letter from John Arbuthnott to Isaac Newton
Reference MS Add.4006.3: 6
Creator Arbuthnot, John, 1667-1735, satirist and physician
Covering Dates 30 July 1706
Extent and Medium f.1 [quarto]; paper
Index Terms
Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727) Knight, natural philosopher and mathematician
Arbuthnot, John (? 1667-1735) physician and satirist
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