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MS Add.3871 Journal of a Voyage to the Coast of Guinea
MS Add.3872 Discourse of ecclesiastical offices
MS Add.3873 Tripos verses
MS Add.3874-3921 Thomas Blore Papers
MS Add.39 Collection of speeches made in Parliament during November 1640
MS Add.3922-3956 Papers of Edward Blore
MS Add.3957 Terrier for Impington, Cambridgeshire
MS Add.3958-4007 The Portsmouth Collection
MS Add.40 Miscellaneous collection of letters and other items
MS Add.4012-4018, MS Add.5971-5975, MS Add.6285 Friedrich Wilhelm Ritschl: copies of Latin inscriptions and a list of coins and a catalogue of pamphlets
MS Add.4020 Scarborough Play Bills
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Papers of Edward Blore

Title Papers of Edward Blore
Reference GBR/0012/MS Add.3922-3956
Creator Blore, Edward (1878-1879), architect and artist
Covering Dates 1818–1850
Extent and Medium 36 vols; paper
Repository Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives
Content and context

Edward Blore (1787-1879), architect and artist, was born in Derby on 13 September 1787, the son of the topographer Thomas Blore (1764-1818). He developed a wide practice as an architect, and became special architect to King William IV, and to Queen Victoria during the early part of her reign. In this capacity he was employed to carry out works at Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace, and to complete the erection of Buckingham Palace. For many years Blore also filled the post of architect at Westminster Abbey. Among his other important works was the building from his designs of Prince Woronzow's palace at Aloushka in the Crimea. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society, and of the Society of Antiquaries, and one of the founders of the Royal Archaeological Institute. He died in London on 4 September 1879.

Records of building works carried out by Blore

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Please cite as Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives, Papers of Edward Blore, MS Add.3922-3956

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Also see CUL Ms Add.8170 Letters of Edward Blore.

Index Terms
Building Operations
Blore, Edward (1878-1879) architect and artist
Manuscripts/MS Add.3922-3956 contains:
MS Add.3922-3926 Great Canford, Dorset: records of building work.
5 vols; paper.
MS Add.3927 Goodrich Court, Herefordshire: Account book regarding building work.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3928-3934 Lambeth Palace: records of building work.
7 vols; paper.
MS Add.3935 St Asaph Palace: 'Account for Work done and Money paid for the same and for Goods received . . . Under the Direction of Edward Blore Esq. Architect'.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3936 Cheshunt, Buckinghamshire: Account of time and wages of workmen engaged in building 'Latimers', 2 July 1832 - 21 Jan. 1837.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3937-3938 Merton Hall, Norfolk: building expenses.
2 vols.
MS Add.3939 Isleworth, Middlesex: Account of workmen's time at work on the house of W. H. Cooper, 4 Mar. 1833 - 4 Oct. 1834.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3940 Shoreham, Kent: Account of expenses incurred on building work at Otford Court, 19 Oct. 1833 - 2 Feb. 1839.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3941 Knowle Hall, Somerset: Account of building expenses, 12 May - 12 July 1834.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3942-3943 Pull Court, Worcestershire: records of building work.
2 vols.
MS Add.3944 Gopsall Hall, Leicestershire: account of wages and workmen's time on building projects, 13 Apr. 1835 - 5 Aug. 1837.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3945-3946 Crewe Hall, Cheshire: wages for building work.
2 vols.
MS Add.3947-3948 Lodsworth, Sussex: account books.
2 vols.
MS Add.3949 Ramsey Abbey, Huntingdonshire: accounts for time and wages of workmen employed on building projects, 5 Mar. 1838 - 29 Feb. 1840.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3950 Shadwell Lodge, Norfolk: accounts regarding building work, 9 Mar. 1840 - 28 Jan. 1843.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3951 Abstracts from clerks of works' returns regarding building work at various sites, 1841-1848. The buildings include: Worsley Hall and parsonage, Lancashire; an infants' school, Worsley, Lancs; Merevale Hall, Warwickshire; Wiston Hall, Sussex; Shadwell Lodge, Norfolk; Haverland Hall, Norfolk; Crewe Hall, Cheshire; a school at Walkden Moor, Lancashire; Bridgewater Trust offices, Manchester; Castle Hill, Devon; Kingston Hall, Nottinghamshire; Thicket Priory, Yorkshire; Marlborough College, Wiltshire; a church in the Charterhouse grounds, London; Hatchford, Surrey; the church of St James the Great, Bethnal Green; Ramsey church, Huntingdonshire.
Creator: Blore, Edward, 1787-1879.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3952 Kingston Hall, Nottinghamshire: Accounts of wages disbursed regarding building work, 28 January 1843 - 28 March 1846.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3953 Buckingham Palace: accounts regarding building work for New Buildings, 6 February 1847 - 12 February 1850, in two hands.
1 vol.; paper.
MS Add.3954-3956 Private accounts.
3 vols.

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